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Where to find RFP's



Recently started a CRM (archaeological services) company in Ontario Canada. I know that RFP's can be found through and MERX. Is there any other place online to find RFP's for archaeological work to be done? Any suggestions would be great. Hoping to get some contracts and hopefully hire some crew to complete the work. 

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search for bizfedops(?) i think they post them although the site seemed crazy last i visited.  The army corps should have something for states as well I think.

Not sure on these.  I know you can ask to be included on a SHPO's list of contractors. 

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Thanks, appreciate the lead. I'll check them out but I don't think they are for Ontario Canada.

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Sorry, I misread your message and thought you were wanting info for US

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Did you check bidnet for these rfps ?

Not sure they are for canada though

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Localized or near by companies are one of the most important factor for government contracts


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