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BA in Anthropological Archaeology + 2yrs field exp seeks full time work anywhere!


Courtney “Meadow” Coldon  

Address: 3 Keystone Park ● Middletown, NY 10940  

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B.A., Anthropological Archaeology, Green Mountain College 

May 2012       

 Concentration: Paleoanthropology 


Ethnographic Researcher, Nepal 

Dec. 2011 - Jan. 2012 

Professor: Dr. Mark Dailey 

 Practiced ethnographic field methods in various cities and villages 

throughout the Kathmandu Valley and Annapurna region. 


        Field School, Turkana Basin Institute, South Turkwel, Kenya  

        Jan. – March 2011 

        Professors: Doctors Richard and Meave Leakey, Craig Feibel (Rutgers    

        University), Helene Roche (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique)  

        Fredrick Manthi (Director of the National Museums of Kenya), and Veronica  

        Waweru (Stony Brook University). 

 Study abroad program focusing on paleoanthropology, geology, 

archaeology, Paleontology and Paleobotanical studies specific to the Rift 



        Archaeological Field School, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT  

        May – June 2010   

        Professor: Dr. John G. Crock (Teaching Assistant: Randy Crones, MA)   

 Completed six week accredited archaeological field school, Middle 

Woodland Occupation, Phase III excavation  






        Project Leader (Senior Project) 

        Ferncliff Project, Poultney Historical Society – Poultney, VT  

        Phase I Survey, Late Archaic 

        November 2011 – May 2012 

 Organized and supervised project as a culmination of my undergraduate 


 Worked independently as well as with volunteers. 

 Excavated shovel tests, and processed artifacts in laboratory. 

 Completed and submitted site report to the Vermont Archaeological 


 Designed and produced a poster and pamphlets for the Poultney Historical 

Society, as well as built a display case to house the recovered artifacts.  


        Assistant for Wilderness Skills Workshop 

        Green Mountain College - Poultney, VT 

        April, 2012 

 Assisted professor and students with flint knapping, cordage making and bow 

drill fire-making. 

 Instructed undergraduate students in animal processing with stone tools. 


        Archaeological Field Technician 

        University of Vermont, Consulting Archaeology Program - Burlington, VT 

        Principal Investigator: Dr. John G. Crock 

        May 2012 

 Wells, VT: Phase I, Pedestrian Survey, Archaic Occupation.  Assisted in 

survey of prehistoric site located in drainage pathway.  Responsible for 

identifying and recording prehistoric artifacts. 

        May – August 2011 

 Army National Guard, Williston, VT: Phase III, Middle to Late Woodland 

Occupation.  Responsible for systematic and scientific excavation of cultural 

remains at this large project.  Drew profiles and plan views.  Identified and 

excavated features.  Worked with local television crews for public education. 

 Allen Brook Project, Addison County, VT: Phase I Survey.  Part of a small 

crew responsible for expedient and thorough transect excavation. 

 Vermont Wind Turbine Project, Lowell, VT: Phase I Survey.  Participated in 

archaeological survey in various locations in northern Vermont, evaluated 

small sites. 

 Catamount Project, Colchester, VT: Phase III, Middle to Late Woodland 

Occupation.  Assisted in large excavation of prehistoric site.  Worked in 

expedient manner to identify and record artifacts. 

        June – August 2010 

 Champlain Bridge, Chimney Point, VT: Phase III, Multi-Component Site. 

 Identified and recorded prehistoric and historic artifacts, careful and 

organized excavation of units and features. 

 Jamaica State Park, Jamaica, VT: Phase III, Archaic Site.  Systematic 

excavation and recording of prehistoric cultural remains.  Also assisted in 

public education by involving kids in screening and artifact washing. 


        Turkana Basin Institute - South Turkwel, Kenya 

        Principal Investigators:  Dr. Meave Leakey, Dr. Veronica Waweru, Dr.  

        Fredrick Manthi 

       January – March 2010 

 Lothagam and Aiyangiyang, Turkana Basin, Kenya: Pedestrian Survey, 

Phase III, Neolithic Period Site 

 Learned to determine paleoclimate through landscape interpretation 

 Used hand-held Garmin GPS 

 Learned to work in adverse weather conditions 

 Became familiar with bone identification 





        Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, Charles Paquin, Archaeologist 

        Green Mountain College, Poultney, VT  

        January – May 2012  

 Responsible for the enthusiastic education and evaluation of undergraduate 


 Presented topics on New England Archaeology, Deciphering the Maya Script 

 Tutored students during weekly office hours 


        Crispell Middle School, Pine Bush, NY  

        November 2011 

 Guest lectured on New England and African archaeology to several 6th grade 

social studies classes. 




        Progressive Program Outstanding Senior Award – Green Mountain  

        College - 2012 

 Acknowledged for leadership and dedication to field of study as well as use of 

travel and networking to create a cohesive, self-designed degree. 





 Experience in use of hand-held Garmin GPS 

 Working knowledge of ArcGIS 

 Working knowledge of Total Station 

 Site Mapping, drawing profiles, characterizing soils 

 Artifact photography in lab/ on site 

 Motivated towards public outreach and education 


 Guest lectured middle school social studies classes, Crispell Middle School, 

Pine Bush, NY 

 Proficiency in American Sign Language 

 Laboratory processing of a wide range of historic and prehistoric artifacts: 

artifact analysis; water screening; flotation sampling; and cataloging 

 Basic geological knowledge 







Dr. John G. Crock: Director, University of Vermont Consulting Archaeology Program; 

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Vermont, Burlington, VT. (802) 



Dr. Mark Dailey: Associate Professor of Anthropology, Green Mountain College. 

(802) 287-8267.  


Andrew Fletcher: Project Archaeologist, University of Vermont Consulting 

Archaeology Program. (802) 656-4310.  


Randy Crones, MA: Assistant Project Manager, R. Christopher Goodwin and 

Associates, Lawrence, KS. (510) 847-1011.  



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