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Archaeological Legacy Institute needs volunteer Web Site Administrator

Jennifer Palmer

fwd from ACRA-L:

*We are looking to fill the position of Web Site Administrator.  This is a
volunteer position.  Our Web Site Administrator will take charge of Web
site administration and upkeep through the use of content management system
(CMS) and other software.

The Archaeology Channel (; TAC) is one of the
most popular archaeology-related Web sites, featuring video and audio
streaming, a large body of content, and other functions.  We currently are
upgrading TAC through the use of Joomla, a commonly used CMS.  Thus far,
our office administrative staff have been covering this area, but now we
need someone who can devote attention primarily to this activity.  Our Web
Site Administrator will be responsible for maintaining and updating the
site and addressing technical issues with the design.   This is a chance to
help accelerate the progress of a dynamic and growing nonprofit enterprise.
 You will be joining a dynamic and innovative team on a mission to create a
unique media organization with worldwide influence.  Your help here will
have a direct impact on ALI's productivity and ability to pursue its public
mission.  And the experience you gain will be directly transferable to
other technical positions you may seek in the future.

We prefer people who have interest and experience in CMS operation and
management.  The more experience in this area, the better, of course.
 Specifically, the ideal applicant will have experience in the following:
Windows Server 2003, PHP, MySQL, CSS/HTML, Joomla, and osCommerce.  We
realize not all applicants will exactly fit this profile, but we want to
find out who may be able to help us.

Archaeological Legacy Institute (ALI) is a tax-exempt nonprofit
organization based in Eugene.  Our streaming-media Web site,The Archaeology
Channel, has become one of the world?s most popular Web sites relating to
archaeology and the human cultural heritage, with annual traffic of
millions of page views.   ALI has numerous opportunities for unlimited
growth as an Internet media and public outreach organization and needs to
expand its volunteer work force in order to take advantage of these
opportunities.  Some of our volunteers may become our employees, depending
upon their productivity and effectiveness.

To apply, please contact me e-mail (  A resume
is required.

Richard M. (Rick) Pettigrew, Ph.D., RPA
President and Executive Director
Archaeological Legacy Institute
4147 E. Amazon Dr.
Eugene, OR 97405


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