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Volunteer Archeologist, Portland Oregon


Hello! I am a historically trained archeologist fresh out of grad school.  I've completed a field school in Esperance, WA, Australia, and volunteered for many projects in Montana, so I have lots of experience filling out forms and doing site surveys.  I am ineterested in gaining more experience in excavation and in applying the various US cultural heritage laws to assist in attaining a more permanent job in archeology.  I would like to gain some additional experience in a 'weekend warrior' capacity, either paid or unpaid.  I am working full time right now at a M-F sort of job, so evening or weekend work would be ideal.  I've had lots of experience in sorting and documenting artifacts, and also have some GIS training.  Please peruse my resume below and feel free to contact me.  Cheers! (Autumn)

Autumn Wright

Contact Details:         1 (503) 816 7291

Citizenship:                U.S. Citizen



Academic Qualifications

MA Archaeology, from Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia, AUS: (pending, only waiting on funds to print). 69 Credit hours (2 Yrs full-time) complete.

BA Double History, Honors, from Montana State University-Billings USA, completed June 2008.

Diploma: Lakeland High School, Rathdrum, ID Graduated in 1994.

Licenses & Certifications

Drivers Licence: I hold a current drivers license in the state of Montana. I am proficient with both automatic and manual vehicles, and have experience driving in ice, snow, and mud.  I have owned and operated four-wheel drive vehicles for the majority of the time I have held a driver‘s license.

First Aid/ CPR: I am first aid and CPR trained, although I am not currently certified. 

Multnomah County Food Handlers Card

Fieldwork and Archeology Experience

Thesis Project 2010: I recorded and analysed the inscription content of headstones in a historic Adelaide, SA, AUS cemetery, comparing two denominations and two time periods, and deciphered old site forms which contained additional data relevant to the study.  I entered the information into excel spreadsheets and analysed several factors using SPSS statistics software.  I analyzed the results and presented them in my thesis.  I worked 30 hours per week for one year to collect and compile the data and write my thesis.

South Australian Museum 2010:  Under the supervision of Aphrodite Rose (listed as a reference below), I examined, recorded, and researched their entire Central American collection.  This included measuring, photographing and illustrating obsidian and other types of stone artifacts and pottery pieces from the Baja California area, as well as the consultation of primary documents in the museum archives, notably the handwritten journals of N.B. Tindale that recorded his trek into Baja. As part of this project I did a PowerPoint presentation of the findings for a group of industry partners and museum management.  I also compiled all of the data into a report and I created a disc with all of the photos, and copies of documents I found pertaining to the artifacts to preserve the information for future use.  This information now serves as the primary historical record for the artifacts.  I performed these duties 15 hours per week for four months.

Field School 2009: I attended field school in April of 2009 in the Esperance area of Western Australia.  During the course of the field school, I learned to identify and record stone tools, as well as the use of a total station and GPR equipment.  I used GPS and learned how to upload the GPS points into related software, and I also learned various techniques for photographing artifacts.  We excavated four test pits and performed extended excavation on one, and also completed several surface surveys.   We practiced making field maps, and kept detailed field journals.  We examined and recorded two sacred Aboriginal sites, including a rock art site and learned about Aboriginal culture and Dreaming stories. We worked 14 hours a day for two full weeks, with no days off.

Bear Creek, Montana, Feb-May 2006:  One of the classes taken for my Bachelor’s degree involved the complete recording of a cemetery in Bear Creek, which consisted mainly of sandstone head stones and suffered from wind erosion.  As part of a team, I mapped and recorded all of the grave sites and headstones within a quarter section of the cemetery and my team and I compiled and assessed the demographic information of the people buried within the section and created a report of the findings.  The data and results of this project are currently held by the Library of Congress.  We worked about 20 hours a week for four months.

Sandstone Inscriptions 2006: I assisted Tim Urbaniak (listed as a reference below) in the recording of inscriptions in the sandstone bluffs in several places in Montana, which involved extensive hiking, and the filling out of site forms as well as deciphering inscriptions in the stone.  Tim showed me how to use a 3-D scanner, and he uploaded the data from the scanner into a 3-D modelling program in GIS, which gave me my first exposure to the program.  I also compiled the site form data into an excel spreadsheet and co-authored a statement of the aims of the project for landowners whose property was involved in the study.  I assisted Tim on weekend treks of about 10 hours per weekend for 7 months (Early Spring to Late Fall).



Wright, A. 2010 Any Last Words? An Examination of Headstone Inscription Content in Adelaide, South Australia, Unpublished MA Archaeology thesis, Department of Archaeology, Flinders University, Adelaide.

Directed Study

Wright, A. 2010 The Central American Collections; A CHM Directed Study with the South Australian Museum, Unpublished report for the South Australian Museum.

Additional Skills and Training

Stone Tools: In addition to my field school, I completed a semester of additional training in the identification and recording of stone tools.  During the course of my Directed Study with the South Australian Museum, I gained additional practice in recording, photographing, and also illustrating the artifacts.

GIS: I have completed two university level GIS courses using the ArcGIS software program.  I learned to use the buffer wizard and features of the spatial analyst, how to find maps and shape files to use, how to upload and overlay GPS data on maps, criteria modelling, how to do demographic studies using census data, how to create printable maps and what features are expected on printed copies as well as how to change the features, and some 3D modelling.

Illustration: I am a proficient artist and I enjoy illustrating artifacts.  I also attended and participated in a drafting class for illustrating artifacts for publication.


Employment History

Bunnings Warehouse,

63-65 Rundle St.

Kent Town, SA

5063 AUS      

Shannon Moldovan

61 08 8132 9300  07/09-02/11: 40 hrs per wk: 17.80/hr: My official role was to do night-fill and replenishment, but due to my extensive experience in retail hardware and customer service I also helped out on the registers and I assisted customers in the paint department and other departments as needed, sometimes simultaneously.   


Novo 1

1127 Alderson Ave Billings, Montana


Erin Baker

(406) 281 9200                                                                   

2007, 2004-2005: 30-40 hrs per wk: 6.50/hr:  I handled customer service calls and placed orders for thirty separate companies during my time with Novo 1.  This job required extensive use of computer software from multiple companies simultaneously and of multiple-line phone systems. I became very proficient at quickly learning new software.

Lowes Warehouse

2717 King Ave West

Billings, Montana 59101 Rita Atkinson

(406) 655 9317                          

2006, 30 hrs per wk: 6.50/hr: I worked as a cashier, and was required to handle money quickly and efficiently with a high degree of accuracy and speed, while at the same time maintaining a pleasant experience for the customer and answering incoming phone calls.


Home Depot

2784 King Ave West  Billings, Montana 59101

Tina Lorenz

(406) 655 9038

                                                                                                                                                          11/98 to 03/04: 40 hrs per wk: 9.68/hr: I worked as both a cashier and in the paint department. I learned a great deal about construction and building materials as well as many techniques of fixing and decorating houses.  I completed every informational class that they offered, about each of the various departments.  I also taught the DIY class for Faux Painting, which had class sizes of up to 30 people, taught new cashiers their duties, and assisted management with additional duties.




Aphrodite Rose

Collection Manager, Foreign Ethnology, SA Museum

Telephone: +61 (08) 8207 7383



Heather Burke

Lecturer, Department of Archaeology (Also my Masters Supervisor)

Flinders University

Adelaide, SA 5001

Telephone: +61 (08) 8201 3795



Tim Urbaniak

MSU Billings College of Technology



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