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an important note about archaeology job posts on our Facebook page

Jennifer Palmer

Please note that all job posts are NOT showing up for folks who are subscribed to our fan page on Facebook. This has occurred since the implementation of 'sponsored posts' (in other words, FB's attempt to charge money for what used to be free). I wanted to be sure that everyone is aware of this in case you are relying upon the Facebook fan page in your news feed for job announcements.

To be certain you are seeing ALL the new jobs posted to, you can do one of the following:

1 - visit the actual website

2 - follow us on Twitter (@archfieldwork)

3 - follow our Google+ page

4 - add our feed to your RSS reader

5 - subscribe to our daily e-mail (remember to click on the activation e-mail after you sign up)

In the near future we will be rolling out a smartphone/tablet app that will let you know the second a new job is posted.

Please pass along the word to your friends, especially if they are looking for work.

Thanks for your support,



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