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2012 Texas Archaeological Society Meeting

Jennifer Palmer

Please join us at the University of Texas at Tyler from October
25-28, 2012 for the 83rd annual Texas Archaeological Society Meeting!
Our meeting will have a special focus on the archeology of the
southeastern US, including east Texas and its neighbors. All TAS
members are invited and non-TAS members can attend the sessions and
/or Banquet.

The Friday night forum (at 7pm on Friday, October 26th) will be
promoted and open to the public at no charge.  This year our focus is
to inform Society members and the general public more about the
cosmology and symbolism of southeastern Indian groups.  Our speaker
will be Dr. Kent Reilly of Texas State University, the Director of
Center for the Study of Arts and Symbolism of Ancient America and
Professor of Anthropology at Texas State University.  Kent holds a
Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin.

A Careers in Archaeology Social and Artifact Identification will
follow the forum.  Archeological firms and agencies will set up
displays to encourage questions about archeological work in Texas and
about pursuing careers in archeology.  This Friday night event is open
to the public, and they are encouraged to bring in artifacts for
discussion with a panel prepared to assess both type and dates or
related information about the artifacts.

Saturday morning activities begin at 8:00 am, with several concurrent
sessions offering papers, posters, and table discussions.  The Poster
Sessions allow detailed discussion of special topics.  Check the
schedules early to plan your day and line up the papers, discussions,
and posters you wish to attend.  The Silent Auction and Exhibit Rooms
also open at 8:00 am on Saturday.

Please see the TAS website for additional information:

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For all you folks who've been working down on the Gulf Coast in LA, MS, AL, and FL, this is a great opportunity to write up some of those neat projects/sites/features/artifacts you've been dealing with, and share them with folks who actually care!


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