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Advances in Geoarchaeology session at 2013 SAA annual meeting

Jennifer Palmer

Session Title: SAA Geoarchaeology Interest Group Sponsored General Session:

Advances in Geoarchaeology


2013 Society for American Archaeology Annual Meeting

Honolulu, Hawaii   April 3-7, 2013


Format: Presentations


Session Abstract: This general session is dedicated to research that employs earth science approaches to advance archaeological questions.  We encourage papers across a range of applications including (but not limited to):


·         The critical evaluation of geoarchaeological methods in practice

·         The development of new laboratory approaches through experimental research and control development for archaeological questions

·         New results from  field based investigations with a geoarchaeological emphasis

·         Theoretical explorations of the impacts of earth sciences approaches, both generally and in relation to specific projects

·         Topics for debate are very welcome!


Participants are encouraged to explain their field and laboratory strategies in detail for a specialized audience.


Abstracts and Questions


Please send an email with a title and abstract of no more than 200 words to Melissa Goodman-Elgar  You can also contact her with any questions.


All SAA organized sessions are invited.  Once Melissa receives your abstract, she will add you to this session.  SAA will send you an email that you MUST use to register for the conference.  Please do not try to register your abstract with SAA before you get this email or you may be assigned to a different session.


Please note that the SAA require registration to be paid at the time of submission or they will delete you from the session.  They will also ask for membership registration in the autumn before they finalize the program.


Session Abstract Deadline

            Wednesday September 12, 2012 5PM Pacific Standard Time


SAA Registration Deadline


Thursday, September 13, 2012, 3 pm Eastern Time



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Further Conference Details


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