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Looking for work on the East Coast, midwest


I am interested in work (field, lab, GIS/GPS, data entry, historical research). I have over five years experience in crm, mainly as an archaeology field techician. I am masters canidate at the University of South Carolina for Public History starting the fall of 2013.

Sarah Anne Moore

1005 Lakeside Blvd Richmond, Virginia 23227 *



Purpose: To gain employment in cultural resource management.

 Interests: GIS, colonial archaeology, curation mangement, public history




Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia- Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  December 19, 2009

 Courses: URSP 621 Introduction to GIS

    URSP 627 GIS Applications in Decision Analysis

    URSP 625 Spatial Database Management and GIS Modeling

URSP-self study by taking courses on ESRI Virtual Campus



Beloit College, Beloit, Wisconsin. Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, May 2003


Continuing Education- Non Degree Workshops


National Preservation Institute (NPI) workshop: Archaeological Curation and Collections Management Presented/taught by Barbara H. Margid. Richmond, VA April 18-20, 2012 


National Preservation Institute (NPI) workshop: Conservation Strategies for Archaeologists Presented/taught by Emily Williams. Richmond, VA. April 16-17, 2012.


National Preservation Institute (NPI) workshop: GIS: Practical Applications for Cultural Resource Projects.  Presented/taught by Deidre McCarthy. Petersburg, VA  March 24-25, 2009


NAGPRA Training Workshop, Presented by the National NAGRPA Program of the National Park Service

 Washington, DC April 17, 2007


Managing Archaeological Collections Artifacts and Records Workshop, Department of Historical Resources for Virginia (DHR), Richmond, Virginia February 15, 2007.  




District of Columbia Office of Planning-DC Historical Preservation Office –DC State Archaeologist Dr. Ruth Trocolli

GIS intern May-Aug 2010 (unpaid)


Management of archaeological GIS data layers. Main tasks consisted of creating a polygon layer for archaeological sites. Used ArcMap 9.2, ArcCatalogue 9.2, and Excel. Prepared technical reports and data summaries for use in Section 106 compliance reviews by the State Archaeologist.  Updating and editing GIS attribute data, researching locations of historic



George Washington Fredericksburg Foundation-Ferry Farm, Fredericksburg, Virginia

Archaeological Internship, Summer 2005

Phase III excavation in order to determine the location of an 18th Century House Structure.


· Duties included:  excavating units, completing paperwork, drawing profiles and plans, basic artifact processing including introduction of basic identification of English Colonial artifacts.


Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site, Elverson, Pennsylvania

Curatorial Internship Summer 2004 Supervisor Rebecca Ross

Assisted with an annual museum collections inventory and other museum related activates at the historic site.


· checking a museum inventory list against the catalogue record, accession record, and the actual artifact, update changes to location and  artifact condition when needed.

·   accessioned and cataloged artifacts, made updates and edits the on Automated National Catalogue System (ANCS+).

·  performed environmental readings in historical buildings, and assisting with filling out Preservation Act Compliance Forms.

·  Historical research involving primary and secondary resources on a person who once lived at the furnace to be used for public interpretation at the Historic Site.

· Provided public interpretation and tour of historic house.



Professional Experience



Cultural Resources Analysts, Inc (CRA)

Archaeology field technician Aug 15, 2012-Aug 23, 2012 supervisor Emily Calhoun

  • PHI testing for 501 Passing Lane in Campbell County, VA. –shovel testing and pedestrian survey.


James River Institute of Archaeology (JRIA)

Archaeology field technician, temporary:  May 28, 2012-Aug 8, 2012

· PHII testing for the Loudon County Park Service in Manassas, VA.-shovel testing and excavating 3x3ft units.



Michael Baker Jr., Inc March 1-8, 2012

Archaeology field technician, temporary. Supervisor Brian Seymour

· Assisted with Phase I testing (shovel testing and excavating 50x50cm units) in Prichard, WV.



Paciulli and Simmons and Associate, Ltd. Dec 21, 2011-Jan 2012


Archaeology field technician, temporary

Phase I evaluation near Manassas, VA

· Shovel testing, filling out corresponding paperwork.



Archaeology lab technician, temporary

Duties included:

· Assisted with data entry of artifact information into Re:discovery ICMS 8.10.

· Artifact processing using NPS guidelines (washing, sorting, bagging, tagging & labeling artifacts)



Louis Berger Group

Archaeology technician (full time, temporary status)


Phase III testing of a prehistoric site for power line updating near Winchester, VA

April 2 -6, 2012.  Supervisor Gregory LaBudde.

  • Duties included excavated 1 meter by 1 meter units, screened for artifacts, draw profiles, and completed corresponding work.


Phase I shovel testing for a power line expansion/updating near Charlottesville, VA

 Oct 24, 2011-Dec 2011. Supervisor Gregory LaBudde

  • Duties included excavating shovel tests, completing paperwork, and use of compass.


Phase I evaluation at Ft. Campbell, TN and Phase I evaluation at Ft. Stewart, GA.  Crew Chief Warren Wilson. October 2010-January 2011

  • Duties included excavating shovel tests, completing paperwork, and use of compass.


Versar, Inc June –  August 2, 2011

(Part time-temporary status)

Archaeology Technician for a Phase II testing in preparation for a road expansion near Middletown, DE. Supervisor Mackenzide Cadwell Rohm.

· Duties included use of excavating test units, looking for features, completing paperwork, drawing measured profiles of units of walls.



AMEC Earth & Environmental

Archaeology technician, temporary. Supervisor Nathan Scholl. Phase I evaluation in PA. Aug 23, 2010- Sept 1 ,2010, &  Sept 13, 2011- Sept 18 ,2010,

  • Duties included excavating shovel tests, completing paperwork, and use of compass.


John Milner Associates

Archaeology technician, temporary July14, 2010 -July 23, 2010, Supervisor Ben Russel

Phase II evaluation of a historical site in Alexandria, VA

  • Duties included: excavating units, completing paperwork, and drawing measured profiles.



Advantage Environmental Consultants LLC

Archaeological Field Technician, temporary April 2010, Supervisor Aaron Levinthal

 Phase II evaluation at multicomponent site in Virginia.

  •  Duties included: excavating shovel tests (STPS), and units, completing paper work, drawing measured plans and profiles.



Cultural Resources Inc. (CRI) Glen Allen, Virginia

Archaeological Field Technician, March 2006-Oct 3, 2009


· Phase I, II, III excavations, (plus cemetery relocation) various locations throughout Virginia. In addition, I helped with artifact processing when there was the need.  Duties included:  excavating shovel tests (STPS), units, and features, completing paperwork,   drawing measured plans and profiles. Also used a Trimble GPS unit in field, basic artifact processing-washing, sorting, labeling, bagging, and boxing artifacts, plus introduction to cataloguing and photography of artifacts.


· Cemetery relocation: I helped with two cemetery relocations one near Richmond at the Rutland site and the other in Fredericksburg at a school that was being remolded into apartments that had a cemetery component).  For both projects, I drew drawings of the feature outline, dug and screened the dirt, drew outline of the shaft and position of the body, took corresponding paperwork noting what, if any bones was present, coffin hardware present, plus any artifacts was present with the body, collected and bagged coffin hardware, and each individual bone separately.



Thomas Jefferson Foundation- Monticello Charlottesville, Virginia

Archaeological Laboratory Assistant, Temporary Dec 19, 2005-March 1, 2006 Supervisor Karen Smith

· Basic artifact processing of archaeology artifacts from field excavations of dependency walls.
Duties included: Artifact processing (washing, sorting, labeling, bagging, and boxing archaeology artifacts); use of Excel and Word to help record and manage the archaeology artifact processing.


Illinois Transportation Archaeology Research Program-Jacksonville Office, Illinois

Archaeological Technician Temporary; September 2005- December 2005


Phase I evaluation at different locations in western and central Illinois.

·  Duties included: excavating STPS/auger tests, completing paper work, drawing profiles, washing, sorting, bagging, and labeling artifacts.  Introduction to GPS use.


Phase III data recovery at 19th century farm site near Springfield, IL.

· Duties included screening for artifacts, bagging artifacts, assisted with paperwork, washed and sorted artifacts.



IL Historic Preservation Agency, Springfield, Illinois

Administrative Assistant-temporary position Jan-May 2005


· Duties included: greeting visitors to the agency and directing them where to go if they were there for meetings. Used Microsoft Word to type and proof reading letters and envelops.  Proof read and judge student papers for IL History Expo Fair 2005.






Pass Port in Time-Strafford, Virginia

  Archaeological Volunteer, Aug 2009

     Phase III excavation of Civil War huts and features.

  • Duties included: excavating features, completing paperwork, and drawing measured plans and profiles.



Department of Virginia Historic Resources (DHR), in Richmond, Virginia

Archaeological Volunteer 2nd and 4th Saturdays Jan 2007-May 2007


· Duties included: Basic artifact processing of unprovienced and older archaeology collections



Pass Port in Time, Midewin Tallgrass Prairie, Illinois

Archaeological Volunteer, September 14-19, 2004

 Phase III excavation of a rural school house.


· Duties included: Excavating units, completing paperwork, and drawing profiles.



Supporting Experience


Easter Seals of Wisconsin-Camp Respite, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Camp Counselor

Summers 2001-2003

· Duties include working one on one with a camper with cognitive disabilities during a week session at camp. Assisting a camper with eating, dressing, participating in camp activities, walking and transportation for the camper.











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