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I'm looking for fieldwork, very experienced


I'm willing to relocate anywhere in the lower 48 states.


George Raymond Frye, Jr.

 Personal Information

Home address: 608 Athens Street

Hartwell, GA 30643

Home phone: 706-376-4889      Cell: 706-371-2112

Citizenship: USA



1978 BS Social Science Education, University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia


Work Experience 

1977 University of Georgia Department of Anthropology - Wallace Project, Greensboro, GA

a.  Cold Springs site excavation (late Woodland mound and village complex); employed part-time

lab and field under Dr. Paul R. Fisk; P.I. and Project Director - July-December 1977

b.  Curtwright  Factory and Park's  Mill (19th century industrial sites) excavation: employed July 1978--March 1979 (including winter lab-work); Project Directors Al Bartovics and Bruce Council.


1979 Soil Systems, Inc., Bloomington, Indiana - Tenn. - Tembigbee Waterway.

a.  Testing of mill site near Tishomingo, Mississippi; employed March - April under Project Director Bill Adams

b.  Mitigation of Waverly Plantation site near Columbus, Mississippi; employed June-July under Project Director Bill Adams


1980-1981 Memphis State University 40Tr27, Hartsville, Tennessee; excavation of early Woodland village  site; employed September-December 1980 and March-April 1981; P.I. - Dr. C. H. McNutt, Project Director - Guy Weaver, Field Director - Jerald Ledbetter


1981 Soil Systems, Inc., Topeka, Kansas; office manager - Paul Brockington.

a.  Mitigation of 3Ms351, Buffalo Creek Project, Leachville, Arkansas; employed August-October 1981 under Project Director Wayne P. Glander and Field Director Merrill Dicks (aboriginal site).

b.  Survey of Willimas Brothers Pipeline route, Yucon, Oklahoma  with William B. Lees; employed November-December 1981 (included lab work)


1982-1983-1984 Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas; employed June-September 1982, March-May, 1983, and October 1983-February-1984 for historic mitigation on Richland Creek Project, Corsicana, Texas, under P.I.S Mark Raab and Jim Bruseth and Project Directors Randy Meir and David Jurney


1983 Incarnate Word College, San Antonio, Texas; employed September- October on survey, tipi-ring testing, and historic excavation on Lake Brantley project near Carlsbad, NM under Project Directors Paul and Suzanna Katz.


1984 Heartfield, Price, and Greene, Inc., Monroe, LA; testing of sites in northeast Arkansas and for Red River survey in western LA; P.I's Lorraine Heartfield and Dennis Price


1984-1985 University of South Carolina, Columbia SC; employed September1984-January 1985 as field supervisor on 38Br291, Revolutionary War period historic excavation; P.I. - Dr. Glen Hanson, Project Director - Richard Brooks


1985 Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas; employed January-June for historic mitigation of Joe Poole Reservoir under P.I. Randy Meir and Project Director Susan Lebo; Historic Supervisor - Duane Peter


1985 North Texas State University, Denton, Texas; employed September-December in evaluation of historic site mitigation potential for Lake Ray Roberts project; P.I. - Reid Ferring, Crew Chief - L. Allen


1986 Coastal Environments, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA; employed November-December as survey crew chief for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project near Houma, LA.


1986 Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas; employed January-June on Ft. Hood survey; P.I. - Dr. David Carlson, Project Director - Eric Blinman


1987 Thunderbird Archaeology Associates, Inc., Woodstock, Virginia; employed April-June on excavation of two Civil War fortifications near Manassas, VA; P.I. - Dr. Bill Gardner, Project Director - April Fehr


1987 Washington State University, Pullman, Washington; employed August-September On Calispell Valley Archaeological Project - prehistoric excavation near Newport, Washington; P.I.- Greg Burtcherd, Alston Thoms


1988 US National Park Service, Tallahasee, FL, employed February-June on survey and site-testing at Mammoth Cave National Park, KY; P.I. and Project Director - Guy Prentice, Lab Director - Bruce Manzano


1989 Basin Research Associates, Inc., San Leandro, California; employed September- October on excavation - DeSilva-Pleasanton project; P.I. Dr. Jim Bard; Project Director - Bob Harmon


1988-1989-1990 New World Research, Inc., Ft. Walton Beach, FL; employed August 1988-June 1989 and November 1989-May 1990 on survey and testing for Transco gas pipeline in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Georgia;  P.I. - Carol Weed, Prentice Thomas


1990-1991 New World Research/Prentice Thomas Associates, Ft. Walton Beach, FL; employed October 1990-March 1991 on excavation of 1Mo52 and 9Eb44, two prehistoric sites in Alabama and Georgia; P.I. - Prentice Thomas; Project Directors - Joe Myer, Frank Servello; Field Assistant - Jim Moorehead


1991 Garrow and Associates, Atlanta, GA; employed on Iroquois Pipeline project - Hudson Valley, New York State; employed March-May on Phase II testing of various prehistoric sites; P.I. - Paul Webb; Project Director  - Steve Nelson; Site Director - Scott Dillon


1991 Infotec Research, Inc., Eugene, Oregon; employed September -December  on PGE-PGT pipeline expansion project - testing and mitigation of prehistoric sites, especially 35JE51B; P.I. - Rick Pedigrue, Field Directors - Philip Waite, Karl Benedict


1992 DCA, Bloomfield, NM; employed January-April  - El Pason Gas Pipeline  P.I., Project Director-Chuck Wheeler, Tim Kearns; crew chief-Carl Freuden. testing of  Native-American sites and pit-house, Pueblo II excavation.


1992 4-D-CRM, Pullman, Washington; October-November,  Site evaluations for US Forest Service, Willamette National Forest, Oregon; P.I. Eileen Draper, Project Director - Deb Oleson


1992-1993 Archaeological Investigations Northwest, Portland, Oregon; July-September 1992 and March 1993 to November 1994 on Northwest and PGT pipeline - survey, testing and excavation; P.I. John Fagan, Project Directors - Eric Forgegn, Terry Ozbun


1994-1995 Gray and Pape, Inc. Cincinnati, Ohio; employed December 1994-January 1995, Hughes River Dam project, W. VA - Phase II testing of prehistoric sites; also February-April 1995 as field tech and crew chief on Columbia Gas Pipeline Phase II - 46Kq292, 46kq294; P.I. Jane Stone, Project Directors Cindy Parrish, Matt Becher


1995 Metcalf Archaeology Consultants, Eagle, CO; May1-June 19 - BLM Seismic Survey - northern Colorado and southern Wyoming and tipiring site excavation fo 48Nq1292 near Casper WY; P.I. Mike Metcalf, Crew Chief - Kelly Pool, Delaney Barclay.  (Record may not include minor projects of limited duration.)


1995 Archaeology Energy Consulting, Casper, WY; employed final week of following project on field and Lab processing (June 20-24); PI Dick Endees, Project Director - GeorgeRubleman


1995 Pan-American Consultants, Depew, NY; employed Oct-Nov on Phase II testing of historic and prehistoric sites on Griffiss Air Force Base at Rome, NY; PI - Mike Cinquino, Project Directors - Ed Curtin, Elizabeth Burt


1995 3-D Environmental, Cincinnnati, Ohio; employed November-December as project Field Director on Phase I survey of proposed industrial park and Phase II testing of 33Ro273 (19th Century Adams farmstead) and portion of camp Sherman (World War I training base), Chillicothe, Ohio; PI - Jane Stone, Project Director - (myself)


1996 3-D Environmental, Cincinnati, Ohio; January-March, testing of 38Ck67 (19th Century blast furnace site) and associated Phase I reroute, Gaffnee, S.C., followed by archival research on 38Ck67 and Ph.I in PA;  P.I. - Jane Stone, Project Director - Sara Pfannkuche


1996 Archaeological and Historical Consultants, Centre Hall, PA; employed March-April 1996 on Phase I survey in southern West Virginia for Columbia Gas; Project Manager - George Mankowski; Field Director - Mike Stennella


1996 MAAR Associates, Wilmington, Delaware; employed April-May on excavation of historic burials in Wilmington, Delaware (D-55.UAME Church); P.I. - Ron Thomas; Project Director - David Weinberg


1996 MAAR Associates, Wilmington, Delaware; employed May-July on phase III excavation of 18 Ba409 (18th Century historic site near Baltimore, MD; P.I Ron Thomas; Research Associate- Bob Hoffman; Field Director - Judy Rosentel


1996-1997 Cultural Resource Analysts, Lexington, KY; employed October 1996-June 1997 on Phase I, II, and III testing and excavation of various historic and prehistoric sites near the Ohio River in Lawrenceburg, IN;  P.I.-Steve Creasman; Project Director - Cindy Parrish


1997-2000 Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN; Phase II and III testing and excavation of prehistoric sites near the Ohio River, outside New Albany, Indiana;  (Caesar's Riverboat Casino Project), employed Oct. 1997 - Sept. 2000. P.I. Dr. Russell Stafford, Field Directors - Steve Mocas, Mark Canton, John Schwegman


2000 Baseline Data, Orem, Utah; employed Sept. - Dec. 1, 2000 on Ph. III excavation of 42DV2 prehistoric site near Salt Lake City.  P.I. and field director - Jim Alison.


2001 Archaeological Resource Managment, San Jose, Cal.; employed Dec. 2000 on site-testing  in Santa Cruz and Jan.-June and Sept., 2001 on excavation of shell-midden sites in San Mateo area.  P.I.-Dr. Robert Cartier.


2001 Landmark Archaeological and Environmental Services, Indianapolis, Indiana; employed Oct.-Dec.


2001 on Phase II prehistoric excavation in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.


2002 Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville, Alabama; employed Feb.-Apr., 2002 on Ph. III feature-excavation on 1Dk71 and Ph. II testing of 1Dk94.  Employed Apr.-June 2002 as firld-supervisor on Ph. III excavation  of 1Fr432 abd Ph. II testing of 1Fr4 and 1Fr5.  Other field-directors--Baxter Mann, Rick Walling.  P.I.-Keith Little.


2002 Lone Mountain  Arch. Services, El Paso, Texas; employed Oct.-Dec. 2002 on excavation and surface-collecting of aboriginal sites in west Texas and New Mexico (Ft. Bliss). Principal Investigator-Tim Church.


2003 TRC, Atlanta, Ga.; employed Jan.-Feb., 2003 on Ph. I survey in Sumter National Forest, S.C. Field-director--George Price.


2003  R.S. Webb and Associates; employed Feb., 2003 on Phase II testing of prehistoric sites near Atlanta, Ga. Field Director-John Bloom.


2003  Pan-American Consultants, Tampa,Fla.; employed March-May, 2003 on Ph. III excavation of shell-midden, 8OK239, in Navarre, Fla. P.I.-Paul Jones. Field/Lab Director-Greg Mikell, Ryan Wheeler.


2003 Univ. of Oregon--Oregon State Museum; employed June 16-Aug. 29 on Ph. III excavation or prehistoric sites-35MA11,64,&65 near Salem, Oregon. P.I.-Tom Connolly. Field Director-Guy Tasa.


2003 Museum of New Mexico, Santa Fe, N.M.; employed Oct. 13-Dec. 19 on excavation of 18th century component of Spanish colonial Palace of the Governors. Project Director-Steve Post.


2004 RS. Webb & Assoc., Atlanta, Ga.; employed Jan.-March on Ph. I surveys in outermost metropolitan Atlanta suburbs. P.I.-Beth Gantt.


2004 Statistical Research, Redlands, Cal.; employed Apr.-July on Ph. III excavation of CaLan62 prehistoric site in Los Angeles. P.I. Don Grenda. Field  Director-Benjamin Vargas.


2004  PBS&J, Austin, Texas; employed Oct.-Dec. on Ph. I survey for lignite mine east of Waco; Project Manager-Wayne Glander,P.I.-David Sherman.


2005 R. S. Webb and Assoc., Atlanta, Ga.; employed Jan-March on Ph. II testing and Ph. III excavation of 9 GW476. P.I.-Steve Webb.


2005 Lopez-Garcia Group, Dallas, Texas; employed May-June on Ph. I survey of Caddo sites near Texarkana. P.I.-John Penman; Field Director-Scott Sundermeyer.


2005-2006  CRA.,Lexington, Ky.; employed Sept.,2005-May,2006 on Ph. II testing--Argosy Casino project, Lawrenceburg, Ind. Field Director-Vera Morgan.


2006 HRA-Gray&Pape, Houston, Texas; employed Nov.-Dec. on Ph. I survey-Ozark Pipeline Expansion, in Miss. and Ark., P.I.-Christina Kelly.


2007 CRA, Lexington, Ky.; employed Jan. 2-June 18 on Ph.II- Ph. III excavation of historic and prehistoric sites, Argosy Casino Project, Lawrenceburg, Ind. P.I.-John Kerr. Field Directors-Vera Morgan, Paul Bundie, Jen Barber.


2008 EDAW, Sacramento, Cal.; employed Aug.-Sept. on Ph. I survey along Sacramento River.


2007-2008 CCRG, Jackson, Mich.; employed Oct.,2007-July,2008 on Ph. I and II for Rex Pipeline, Illinois, and Sept.-Nov. 2008 on Ph. III excavation of  multi-component site (including late Paleo). PI--Michael Humbacher, field-directors--Cathy Guidi, Jimmy Clark.


2009 R. S. Webb & Assoc., Atlanta, Ga.; employed Feb-Mar 2009 on prehistoric Ph. III in central Georgia. P.I. -Steve Webb.


2009-2010 R.S. Webb & Assoc., Atlanta, Ga.; employed Nov.-Jan. on "Armuchee Ridges" Ph. I survey of Chattahoochee National Forest--southern Appalachians. P.I.-Steve Webb. Field director--Jon Bloom.


2010 Prewitt and Assoc., Austin, Texas.; employed Feb.-May on Ph. III excavation of 3 Caddo sites near Mt. Pleasant in NE Texas. P.I.- Ross Fields. project director--Dr. Virginia Hatfield. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2010 Willamette CRA, Porland, Oregon; employed July on 2 windfarm Phase II's in central Oregon. P.I.-Dave Ellis, Field Director-Eric Bangs.


2010 R. S. Webb and Assoc., Atlanta, Ga.; employed Nov-Dec on Phase 1 survey (Riverport) near Savannah, Ga. P.I.-Beth Gantt.


2011 R. S. Webb and Assoc., Atlanta, Ga.; employed Jan-Feb. on Phase 1 survey near Sandersville, Ga. P.I.-Steve Webb.


2011 R. S. Webb and Assoc., Atlanta, Ga.; employed Mar-May on Phase 1 survey of Altama Plantation, near Brunswick Ga. P.I.-Steve Webb.


2011 Roberta Greenwood and Assoc., Pacific Palisades, Ca.; employed May-June on Phase II testing of Soledad Mission, Soledad, Ca. P.I.-John Foster.


2011 Willamette CRA, Portland, Oregon; employed Aug.-Oct. on PGE Cascades Crossing  Ph. I survey, western Oregon. P.I.-Dave Ellis. Field-directors-Eric Bangs, Danny Gilmore.


2012 Willamette CRA, Portland, Oregon; employed March-August on PGE Cascades Crossing Ph. I survey, western Oregon. (Same supervisor as listed above).


Professional Skills and Expertise


Field skills - burial excavation, excavating aboriginal and historic hearths and other features, general survey and site-recording, surface-collecting, soil-sampling with auger, collecting lab samples, profile and plan drawing, architectural drawing, site mapping, supervising "public dig", supervising survey and historic and prehistoric excavation work, photographing site features, field directing, completion of site reports (not technical writing, preliminary field recommendations and archival research summaries only.)


Lab skills-pollen extraction (HC1 method), electrolysis of metal items, retrieval of data from microfilm records and other archival work, oral history research, preliminary and very general artifact-classification, correcting and corroborating previously-gathered field data, general paperwork.



"Beyond the Mainstream - A Search for Alternatives" c.1994 by the author. ISBN 0-9639988-0-3, Library of Congress, Card No. 93-91037; an overview and analysis of progressive movements and alternative subcultures around the USA; revised and reissued 2002.


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