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Paid Archeological Internships - Idaho National Laboratory

Jennifer Palmer

Job Title:                                             Internship
Org:                                                     (R199)
Internship Program Specialists:  see website
Work Location:                                  Various Idaho Falls and site facilities

Warning: All applicants will receive an e-mail with a link to the Master Skill Set Survey requesting additional information on your skills, educational background, and academic/career goals.  Internship applicants MUST respond to this survey request in order to be eligible for internship consideration.  Applicants will be considered against all INL internship opportunities based on Master Skill Set Survey results, academic, research, and career goals.


Idaho National Laboratory (INL) internships are designed for high school through post-doctoral students.  INL is a science-based, applied engineering laboratory that supports the U.S. Department of Energy¿s mission in nuclear energy research, science, and national defense.

INL seeks to provide its interns with unique experiences that broaden their professional networks and expose them to various facets of their chosen field.  INL interns often work with national and international governments, universities and industry partners to conduct research and develop technologies that advance the nation¿s nuclear and renewable energy, national security and environmental missions.

INL internships enhance the education of students in support of the Department of Energy¿s mission to provide opportunities to the nation¿s emerging workforce.  The majority of internships fall in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).  However, the INL is a multi-discipline laboratory which utilizes many academic areas to support its mission. INL internships, like the lab's research, span a wide range of STEM, and support fields including:

              Biomass (including Plant Science)
              Business Operations & Business Management *
              Computational Mathematics
              Computer Science
              Critical Infrastructures*
              Cyber Security *
              Engineering (all disciplines)
              Environmental Science
              Industrial Safety
              Information Management
              Instrumentation and Control
              Machining Technology
              Material Science
              Modeling & Simulation
              National Security *
              Nuclear Engineering
              Nuclear Non-Proliferation *
              Occupational Health
              Reactor Operator
              Research Library

All internships are evaluated against United States Export Control Laws and Homeland Security to determine US Citizenship requirements.

* Based on these evaluations, the nature of these internships requires US Citizenship.

During their internship, interns can attend colloquia that feature world-renowned researchers discussing a broad range of energy topics, from nuclear non-proliferation to hybrid energy systems.  They tour INL, which covers 900-plus square miles, to learn about its current research programs, its past accomplishments and its future plans?  The INL site tour series includes visits to Experimental Breeder Reactor-1, where nuclear fission generated the world¿s first usable amount of electricity, the Advanced Test Reactor, a 3D research tool known as a computer-assisted virtual environment ¿ or CAVE ¿ and many other facilities.  Additionally there are workshops to help develop ¿soft skills¿ like resumé writing and communication skills.

All internships are designed to be an educational enhancement opportunity and are paid positions.


All Internship Candidates:

    Ability to pass a background check
    Minimum overall 3.0 Grade Point Average (GPA)
    Completion of the Master Skill Set Survey, an in-house tool used to place students based on their academic interests, hard skills, and soft skills.

High School Internships:

    Enrolled student status at an accredited or state-recognized high school program
    Must be 16 years of age at the time of application (due to personnel security requirements)

Community College and Professional/Technical 2 year program Internships:

    Enrolled student status at an accredited professional/technical two- year community college program (minimum 6 credits per semester.)
    Many INL community college interns are hired through the U.S. Department of Energy¿s Community College Internship Program.  We recommend you also apply to that program at

 College/University Internships:

    Enrolled student status at an accredited US college or university (undergraduate, graduate, or doctorate degree) (minimum 6 credits per semester)
    Many INL undergraduate internships focused on science, technology, engineering, and/or math are hired through the U.S. Department of Energy¿s Undergraduate Laboratory Internship Program.  We recommend you also apply to that program at

Foreign National Students:

    Foreign students may be eligible for internships if they are attending an accredited U.S. college or university and can obtain a U.S. Work Authorization (CPT, OPT, Permanent Resident Alien, etc.)

Essential Functions

An Essential Function is a core duty required for the job position which the employee must be able to fulfill, with or without accommodation. Information provided below will be used during the interview to help describe the job so the applicant has a reasonable understanding of the job duties/expectations.

Environmental, Safety & Health

Must be familiar with, and comply with all relevant health and safety requirements.  Must be knowledgeable of emergency action policies and procedures, methods for reporting/resolving work practices or conditions to available cognizant professionals.

For more info click here.

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Im interested how do i Apply?

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Jennifer Palmer

Gabriel follow the link at the bottom of the original posting. This was posted back in October so you will have to check their website for the cutoff date.

Good luck,



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