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searching for an east coast school


I’m in need of school advice.  I’m going to be applying to a few schools in the UK for archaeology and classics.  I’ve been advised to also apply to some US schools just incase I don’t get accepted in any UK schools.

My problem lays in the fact that I’m not too sure what schools are really the best for what I’m looking for.  I’ve been trying to do some research but it doesn’t seem to be all that easy as it is for the UK. (UCAS makes life easier)  What makes the search even harder is the restrictions that my husband has set.  The college has to be in a blue state and on the east coast.

Can anyone be my savior and give suggestions on what schools fall under these terms?  I wish to stay within archaeology paired with classics.

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Do what I did when researching grad schools.

go to wikipedia

search for list of colleges and universities in whatever state you're thinking of, like list of colleges and universities in massachusetts, or new york, etc.

peruse the page that comes up and click on a school, go to the website of the school and read the department webpages of whatever type of program you are looking for and that's that. pretty simple.

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here is a map/list of most schools that offer an archaeology degree-

It will be a good starting point

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Are you looking at undergrad or graduate programs?

If it's for grad school, you should really be focusing on specific departments and faculty members who would potentially be your adviser.  If you're talking about undergrad, then you have a lot more leeway and there are dozens of schools that would meet your requirements.

You should really hone your list down to specific cities or states and compare that against your grades/scores/finances.


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