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volunteering with the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Frances Dorrance chapter

Jennifer Palmer

I had the opportunity to volunteer with the Frances Dorrance chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology over the weekend.  Here are a few photos from the ongoing excavation at the Coxton Yard site in Duryea, PA.

Excavations have been continuing at this prehistoric site for more than 15 years. I had to slow myself down, as there isn't the typical rush of a CRM project. ;>

Excavations at this 19th century foundation show the prehistorics also continue here.

This narrow foundation was located directly adjacent to the foundation in the previous photo. It is believed that there may have been up to 3 structures located here. Thus far this little foundation is posing a bit of a mystery. Both foundations had a strat near their base that looked like there were structural fires, and a subsequent demolition.

If anyone is interested in volunteering or attending meetings of this chapter, you can contact them at

Info on other chapters in the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology can be found here:


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