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need feedback on CV


Hi all
I have recently updated my CV and I'm trying to appear competitive in a job market in either the USA or Canada. I know I am in disadvantage, owning a Mexican passport, but I would like to know if my qualifications, listed in the attached CV, are good for applying for most jobs. It would be of great use if someone could recommend what kind of jobs i would be qualified for based on my credentials.
I am mostly looking into applying for jobs in the PNW, but anywhere in the west coast would be fine.
Thank you

Research Interests/Skills:

Indigenous Archaeology, Coastal Adaptations. Food systems and traditional knowledge. Environmental History of the Holocene. Landscape Archaeology. Models of early food production. Agriculture and the domestication process. Archaeometry and Chemical characterization of materials via INAA, XRF, Petrography, for identifying raw material sources and modeling of long-distance trade networks.

Academic History

February 2012 – Ongoing: PhD Candidate, Archaeology and Natural History, School of Culture History and Language, College of Asia and the Pacific. Australian National University.

July 2011 – October 2011: Research internship (The Aurora Project, Australia)

Repatriation Knowledge Base at AIATSIS, Canberra, Australia

2010 – Jun 2011: PhD Student

 Graduate program in Archaeology, University of Oregon

2008 – 2010: Masters of Science.

 Graduate program in Archaeology, University of Oregon

Masters Paper: 2010 Emergence of Maritime Trade Networks along the Pacific Coast of Mesoamerica. Department of Anthropology, University of Oregon, USA.

2001 – 2008:

Bachelor in Archaeology University of the Americas, Puebla, Mexico

Thesis Title: 2008 Producción cerámica en la costa de Chiapas y la cuestión olmeca: Un estudio de procedencia (Ceramic production at the Chiapas coast and the olmec

question: A provenance study). Unpublished thesis presented at the Department of Anthropology, University of the Americas – Puebla. Mexico.

1999 - 2001:

Field Work Experience:

-Kimberley 2012: Fieldwork related to my PhD research topic: “Landscape history in the Kimberley: Over 40,000 years of human presence”.

Extensive survey and recording of sites was carried out during a period of 8 weeks. A total of four test pits were excavated in same number of open sites in two different locations.

-Archaeological Project: “Colector Pluvial 12 Oriente Tramo 4 Norte a Prol. 6 Oriente. San Pedro y San Andrés Cholula 2009” Cholula Puebla. Coordinated by Ashuni Romero (ENAH) and Carlos Cedillo (INAH). July 2009: 2 weeks.


  • Extensive excavation of partial structure in the area impacted by the construction of rain water collection system.
  • Recording and excavation of wall and floor features within the impacted area of the structure.
  • Recording and excavation of features and objects on floors.
  • Plastering and removal of adobe blocks with remains of stucco painting.
  • Excavation of test pits and sections to identify sub-structures and recreate the construction sequence of the building.

-Archaeological project “Salvamento arqueológico carretera Oaxaca-Istmo” Oaxaca Mexico. Directed by Dr. Marcus Winter. Senior investigator for the INAH at the Oaxaca Regional Centre. July-December 2006: 24 weeks.


            The project consisted on the evaluation and recovery of archaeological remains within a section of the new highway that will communicate Oaxaca City with the Tehuantepec Isthmus and works are being done in the valley of Jalapa del Marquez, Oaxaca. Excavation and further consolidation of structures in the monumental area of te site were conducted under my supervision. Also, survey works were conducted within the valley as part of the same project and the excavation of test pits in minor sites of the valley were made.


  • Supervision of a 16 people team in charge of the excavation, sketching and consolidation of three monumental structures in the core area of the site.
  • Excavation of 3 burials and 4 inhumations in pots within and around the monumental structure.
  • Collaborator in the description and classification of the ceramic assemblages recovered as part of the whole project.
  • Survey of some difficult access areas inside the valley, such as cliffs, and caves.

-Arcaeological project “Salvamento arqueológico Álamo-Dorado” in Sinaloa, Mexico. Directed by Dr. John P. Carpenter. Senior investigator of the INAH at the Sinaloa Regional Center. April-July 2005: 14 weeks.


·         Excavation of more than 15 test pits (2x2m, 1x2m, 1x1m) at 10 different sites

·         Surface survey and collections using the method of dog leash and square grid.

·         Extensive excavation of 3 different house structures in a XVI century contact site.

·         Head of the mapping crew (one mining engineer, one topographer and one archaeologist) and direction of the mapping process using GEO GPS and total station.


-Archaeological Project “Proyecto costero Arcaico-Formativo” Chiapas, Mexico. Directed by Dr. Douglas J. Kennett Associate Professor at the University of Oregon. January-February 2005: 4 weeks.


·         Excavation of one stratigraphic test pit (2x2m)

·         Excavation of augers within the site

·         Processing of 20 flotation samples recovered from 2 test pits dug at the site.


-Archaeological project “La Playa (SON F:10:3)” in Sonora, Mexico. . Directed by Dr. John P. Carpenter & Ma. Elisa Villalpando December 2004: 3 weeks.


·         Excavation and recovery of five human and one canine burials.


-Archaeological project “Santa Clara 2004” at the site of Itziparatzico in Michoacan México. Directed by PhD. candidate at Penn State University Blanca E. Maldonado. March 2004: 2 weeks.


·         Excavation of two test pits (2x2m y 1x2m) at two different zones of the site.

·         Sketch GPS mapping of structure mounds of the centre area of the site.

-Archaeological project “La Playa (SON F:10:3)” in Sonora Mexico. Directed by Dr. John P. Carpenter & Ma. Elisa Villalpando December 2003: 3 weeks.


·         Supervision of the excavation of 430 meters of back-hoe trenches.

·          Stratigraphic description and profile drawings o the trenches.

·         Excavation of 2 test pits (2x2m) and archaeological features within the pits.

·         Extensive excavation of a habitation terrace

Other Research:

  • Summer 2010: Ceramic analysis and classification of Early Formative assemblages from La Zanja, Guerrero
  • Summer 2010: FLAS language immersion program in Zapotec, Isthmus variant. 6 weeks.
  • Spring 2010: Training and practice in ethnographic field methods (Anth 611)
  • Summer 2009: Ceramic analysis and classification of Early Formative assemblages from La Zanja, Guerrero.
  • September 2008 – June 2008  : Research Assistant at the Ceramic technology Lab, University of Oregon
  • Summer 2005 – Summer 2006: Ceramic analysis, drawing and classification from the Early Formative sites of El Grillo (CAP-16) and Los Cerritos (CAP-37) in the Chiapas Pacific Coast of Mexico. “Proyecto costero arcaico-formativo, Chiapas” directed by Dr. Douglas J. Kennett between 2001 and 2007 and the data were used as part of my bachelor thesis at Universidad de las Americas Puebla in Mexico.
  • Spring 2004:    480 hours of stone tool technology annalysis from the site of La Playa (SON F:10:3).

Publications and Conferences:

Gomez, Josue; Douglas J. Kennett; Hector Neff; Michael D. Glascock, and Barbara Voorhies

2011    Early Formative Pottery Production, Mobility, and Exchange on the Pacific

Coast of Southern Mexico. Journal of Island and Coastal Archaeology. 6(3):


Gomez, Josue; Douglas Kennett; Barbara Voorhies

2011    Reconsidering “Pox” pottery: Early Ceramics from Coastal Guerrero. Poster presented at the 76th Annual Conference of the Society for American Archaeology, Sacramento CA.

Josue Gomez, Douglas J. Kennett, Hector Neff, Michael D. Glascock, Barbara Voorhies

2008    Early Formative Interactions between the Soconusco and the Gulf Coast Olmecs Paper presented at the 74th Annual Conference of the Society for American Archaeology, Atlanta GA.

Josue Gomez

2008    Producción cerámica en la costa de Chiapas y la cuestión olmeca: Un estudio de procedencia (Ceramic production at the Chiapas coast and the Olmec question: A provenance study). Thesis presented at the Department of Anthropology, University of the Americas – Puebla.


Technical Reports

Winter, M., R. Mena, V. Vasquez, A. Montiel, V. Zapien, D. Corona and J. Gomez

2008    Informe Tecnico del Proyecto salvamento Arqueológico Carretera Oaxaca-Istmo Temporada 2006. Archivo Técnico INAH.


Kennett, D., B. Voorhies, J. G. Jones, H. A. Neff, D. R. Piperno, T. A. Wake, K. L. Blake, B. Culleton, J. Gomez and N. Martinez

2007    Informe Tecnico final del proyecto Arcaico-Formativo: Costa de Chiapas. Temporada 2005. Archivo Tecnico INAH.


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