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Cultural Resource Manager seeking archaeology position in New England


I am seeking employment in the New England area. Currently, I am the Cultural Resource Manager for a State-owned National Historic Landmark District in Montana. In this position I oversee the preservation of a vast number of Gold Rush era buildings and over a million collections. However, I am an archaeologist by trade (MA University College London 2004), and prior to my promotion, I ran the archaeology program which allowed me to plan and execute projects for compliance with the MT SHPO and Section 106 Federal standards. I am looking to return to archaeology exclusively, and also return to the Northeast where I am originally from. I am seeking a position in Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont, but I will entertain anything that will get me back to the east coast and out the long Montana winters. I am very familiar with the history of the northeast and after 5 years of dealing exclusively with historics, I believe I can comfortable call myself an historical archaeologist, although I have worked in pre-historics in New York and Vermont as well. I would appreciate any advice on jobs or job-seeking sites!
Thank you!


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