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Mohegan Archaeological Fieldschool 2013

Jennifer Palmer

Mohegan Archaeological Fieldschool 2013

University of Leicester School of Archaeology and Ancient History

Module Description

The University of Leicester and the federally recognized Mohegan Tribe are
working together to study archaeological sites on the Mohegan Reservation
in Uncasville, Connecticut (established in 1671). As part of the process of
investigating present and former tribal lands, the Mohegan Archaeological
Fieldschool engages in archaeological research at pre-European sites as well as
early historic sites and reservation-era sites. The Mohegan Fieldschool, now in
its 18th year, works under the direct supervision of Dr Craig Cipolla (University
of Leicester) and staff members of the Mohegan Archaeology Department as
authorized by the Mohegan Council of Elders.

During the course, students will learn the basics of archaeological fieldwork,
from survey and testing to more intensive excavation methods and
interpretation. Most of the course is comprised of archaeological fieldwork at
Mohegan sites, or land that is of historic importance to the tribe.

Students have the option of enrolling in either a 20 or 40 credit* version of the
module and transfer credit is available.

*The 40-credit version is approximately equivalent to a 6 credit course at
American colleges and universities.

About the Fieldschool

The relationship between Native Americans and archaeologists has
traditionally been fraught with tension and conflicting goals. The mission of
this archaeological fieldschool is to begin to rectify this discord. We practice
a form of applied archaeology and community based research sometimes
called covenantal archaeology, pursuing and serving the research goals
and objectives of the Mohegan Tribe while maintaining academic rigour.

Our students, including Mohegans and members of other tribes, help demonstrate
how archaeology can contribute to contemporary Native communities and
encourage trust, responsibility, healing, education, confidence, and pride.

Contact Information

General Inquiries,
Dr Craig N. Cipolla, Fieldschool director,
James Quinn, Mohegan Archaeology Department Manager/Tribal Historic
Preservation Officer,
24 June – 2 August 2013


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