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Northern Great Basin Prehistory Project


In 2013, the University of Oregon Archaeological Field School will be at Rimrock Draw Rockshelter. Rimrock Draw is a stemmed point site near Riley, Oregon. This site has already produced some exciting finds and by attending the 2013 field school you can be a part of this important investigation.

This summer's field school will continue excavations at Rimrock Draw Rockshelter that began in September 2011 and continued through the 2012 field season. Six-week, 8-credit sections will be offered in archaeology and geoarchaeology, with two days devoted to a lithic technology workshop. A paleoethnobotany field school will also run for three weeks and offer 4 credits of instruction. The abundance of cultural material makes Rimrock Draw Rockshelter an exciting new site with great potential for multiple lines of research and a wealth of learning opportunities.

The field school is now accepting enrollment applications for the Summer 2013 field session. The Archaeological Field School runs from June 24 to August 2, 2013.The paleoethnobotany course will run from July 1 to 19, 2013. 

Visit for complete details, or call Dr. Patrick O'Grady at 541-346-0671. 


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