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Experienced, Diversified Archaeology Tech


April 23, 2013

To Whom It May Concern;

                I am seeking a position as an archaeological field technician, and have professional experience on phase III excavation involving multi-component habitation. Recently enrolled at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, I graduated Cum Laude with Honors May, 2012 with a B.A. in Art, and a B.S. in Anthropology with a concentration in historical archaeology. I have proven to be a dedicated student by taking on extra work and projects in order to further my educational experience. I have participated in field schools and site projects as both a student and supervisor. I have also worked closely with Dr. Nicholas Honerkamp of the Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga on a project for which I built an SPSS database, designed new site forms, and created a manual with detailed instructions for equipment such as the Total Station and Data Collector. I am proficient in Microsoft Office and SPSS, and have experience with ArcGIS. I have worked with both ground penetrating radar and LIDAR equipment as well.  I would like to grow as an archaeological professional and if given the opportunity, I feel that I will be an asset to your company in many capacities.


Tanya Dickinson

Ms. Tanya Dickinson


Tel:                              (423) 468 – 0632                                                            4201 McCahill Rd.

E-mail:                                                        Red Bank, TN 37415




Profile:                         As a new graduate, I hold two bachelor degrees and have studied abroad. My studies have been concentrated on archaeology, art history, and sculpture. My GPA was above 3.6 for both of my degrees. It is my belief that as an archaeologist it is imperative to get our discoveries disseminated not only to colleagues, but to the public at large. It is my disciplinary goal to assist in this effort both in the classroom and in the field. Hence my career goals are to actively contribute to research in the field as well as collaborate with other professionals on interpretations of archaeological results, in the capacity as both an archaeologist and an artist.




Education:                   University of Tennessee           BA Art                                      05/2009 - 05/2012

615 McCallie Ave                       BS Anthropology                      Cum Laude

Chattanooga, TN 37415                                                             Honors

(423) 425 - 4416                                                                         Outstanding Senior


Purdue University                    No Degree                                06/2003 – 05/2004

                                    1401 South US 421                                                                    09/2000 – 05/2001

                                    Westville, IN 46391

                                    (219) 785 - 5200


                                    Ivy Tech State College              AAS Surgical Technology          06/2001 – 08/2003

                                    3714 Franklin St                                                                        Honors

                                    Michigan City, IN 46560                                                             Phi Theta Kappa

                                    (219) 981 - 4448




Study Abroad:              Franklin Institute Alcalá, Spain                                    07/2011 – 07/2011


Four weeks studying advanced grammar and Spanish art history, while immersing myself in the culture by staying with a native family. Weekly expeditions were arranged to historical sites and ruins furthering my knowledge of local culture and heritage. Upon returning, became a cultural ambassador for the study abroad department, speaking at meetings and assisting as needed.



Experience:                  Tennessee Valley Archaeological Research                  01/2013 - Current


Working with Rocco deGregory on a multi-component site that required living on site. Phase III excavation with water screening that included shovel halves, trenches, and feature excavation producing artifacts of prehistoric and historic periods.


Position:          Technician

Duties:           > Feature excavation

          > Shovel halves

          > Form scanning

          > Data entry




                                    Hamilton County Resource Planning                            08/2011 – 05/2012


Working with Andrew Carroll at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga to create a heat map of archaeological sites in Hamilton County, Tennessee and the surrounding area. As a component of an interactive resource map of 18 counties, this heat map will be used as a guide for future projects in Chattanooga.


Position:          Technician

Duties:           > Creating spreadsheets of site data

          > Importing data into ArcGIS

          > Creating density distribution with varying distinctions of period and condition

          > Building a database of Hamilton County site for research purposes








Field School UTC Institute of Archaeology                   05/2011 – 06/2011


Paid supervisor during a six week field school focusing on a survey of the North End Plantation on Ossabaw Island, GA. Organized logistics for the field school, supervised fieldwork and artifact processing, and analyzed recovered artifacts.


Position:          Supervisor

Duties:           > Creating lab forms, assisting with logistics

          > Operating total station, organizing data

          > Overseeing students in residence, teaching and lab field methods.



Mark Making                                                                01/2011 – 05/2011


A student intern at a local non-profit company that facilitates public art projects for disenfranchised members of the Chattanooga community. Aided the company with bookkeeping while becoming proficient in networking and facilitation. Created a PowerPoint video outlining the historical and future direction of artistic interpretations of archaeological sites with highlights of existing collaborative projects.


Position:          Intern

Duties:           > Assisting with bookkeeping.

          > Performing tasks necessary for planning and executing public art projects.

          > Attending executive meetings and project sessions.



Weekend for Wildlife                                                    02/2011 – 02/2011


Supervisor during a weekend fundraiser of the Georgia Dept. of Natural Resources. Shovel tests and feature exposure at original lighthouse keeper’s residence on Sapelo Island, GA. Participated in fieldwork and assisted in supervising volunteers on site. Analyzed artifacts collected and input into database.


Position:          Supervisor

Duties:           > Field work participation

          > Supervising volunteers

          > Artifact analysis and curation

          > Co-authored final report.



Field School UTC Institute of Archaeology                   05/2010 – 06/2010


A six week field school consisting of four weeks on site and two weeks of lab analysis.  Archaeological survey of Behavior Cemetery on Sapelo Island, GA. Located a tabby structure and recorded all extant gravestones. Assisted Dan Elliot with GPR to locate unmarked graves. Also engaged in a survey of the Bourbon Field Site. Field duties included clearing, excavation, screening, photo-cleaning, photography, completing forms, using the total station, and cataloguing digital files.


Position:          Student

Duties:           > Learning excavation, photography, grid layout, and total station operation

> Attending weekly class covering history of the island, plantation archaeology

          > Creating spread sheets of collected data








Projects:                      Departmental Honors                                                   01/2011 – 05/2012


Working with Dr. Nicholas Honerkamp of the Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga to create a new standardized artifact processing method for the Institute. Researched curation standards, performed a literature review of current data analysis methodologies, and learned SPSS; currently completing a thesis summarizing the new methodology and its impact on the Institute. Generated new policies for 2011 field school, and reprocessed backlogged collections in preparation for transport to permanent storage facility.


Position:          Student

Duties:           > Creating a master database in SPSS

          > Drafting new forms for artifact analysis

          > Writing policy manual for the new methodology

          > Practicing and teaching other students how to use the database

          > Analyzing artifacts from Sapelo Lightkeeper’s House




Exhibits:                      The Art of History                                                         08/2010 – Current


A collaborative public art project facilitated by Mark Making and designed by students of the Institute of Archaeology at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga. Was one of four students that created an artistic interpretation of an historic blast furnace site. Approximately 1400 sq ft of latex - painted vinyl panels installed on a cylindrical steel structure in downtown Chattanooga.








                                    Hatch Chatt                                                                  4/12/2012 – 4/22/2012


A week-long exhibition celebrating art in Chattanooga that showcased various artists. Worked as part of a team to create, design, and install an interactive exhibit entitled “Migration” which consisted of taxidermy forms mounted on 38 foam half-spheres. I was personally responsible for cutting anchors and assisted with pouring moulds, painting forms, securing floating sculptures and laying out the final design during installation, and uninstalling.





Cress Gallery                                                               01/10/2011 – 01/30/2011


Student work judged by artist Hope Hilton and shown in the Cress Gallery, Chattanooga. “Skull”, oil on canvas, 2010.









Organizations:             Golden Key International Honour Society                     08/2011 – 05/2012

                                    University of Tennessee Chattanooga Chapter


Position:          Secretary

Duties:           > Completion of annual budget

          > Maintaining fiscal records

          > Providing input for function planning

          > Assisting at chapter meetings and functions


                                    Social and Behavioural Sciences Organization            08/2011 – 05/2012

                                    Departmental Club


Position:          Secretary

Duties:           > Completion of annual budget

          > Maintaining fiscal records

          > Providing input for function planning

          > Assisting at chapter meetings and functions


Lambda Alpha                                                              08/2011 – 05/2012

                                    National Anthropological Honour Society


Position:          Member

Duties:           > Atttending Meetings



Volunteer:                    Boy Scouts of America                                     09/2008 – Current


Position:          Adult Leader

Duties:           > Organizing Meetings

                      > Planning activities

                      > Teaching Skills

                       > Completing Training Requirements





References:                  Dr. Nicholas Honerkamp

                                    Director, Jeffrey L. Brown Institute of Archaeology

                                    (423) 425 - 4325


                                    Dr. Lynn Purkey

                                    Department Head, Spanish

                                    (423) 425 - 4147


                                    Dr. Lyn Miles

                                    UC Foundations Professor Anthropology

                                    (423) 425 - 4440


                                    Dr. Hubert L. Prevost, Jr.

                                    Director, Office of Exchange Programs

                                    (423) 425 - 4735


Dr. Gavin Townsend

                                    Professor, Art History

                                    (423) 425 - 4464


Robert Cox

                                    Lecturer, Art Studio 2D, Foundations Coordinator

                                    (423) 425 - 2322


                                    Dan Bethune                           

                                    Lecturer, Art Studio 3D

                                    (423) 425 - 4178


                                    Frances McDonald

                                    Executive Director, Mark Making

                                    (423) 266 - 3041


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