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Paid Archaeology Internship for US Veteran(s) in Grand Junction, CO


Hi all,

My BLM Office in Grand Junction, Colorado has funding to hire a US veteran for an archaeology internship position. You must be a US veteran to apply. Please see more information below:

BLM Contact Information (where to send questions and resumes):
Supervisor: Michelle Bailey
Title: Assistant Field Manager
Office: Grand Junction Field Office
Phone: 970-244-3047

Youth Corps Partner: CYCA
Length of Position: up to 24 weeks
Starts: Summer 2013

Hours and Wages:
Hours per week: 40
Wage per hour: 15.00

Career Track: (College or Technical)
Description of Work: The intern will be assisting the Grand Junction Field Office 
Archaeologists in completing cultural inventories for various projects within the field 
office. The intern will be hiking transects, identifying, and documenting prehistoric 
and historic resources and will be responsible for the paperwork for those projects (site 
forms and reports). The cultural resources in the Grand Junction Field Office span 
approximately 12,000 years and are represented by Paleo-Indian, Archaic, Formative, 
Ute and Euro-American cultures. Sites include lithic scatters, quarries, temporary camps, 
extended camps, village, rock shelters, rock art, wickiups, scarred trees, hunting sites, 
kill/butchering sites, processing areas, tree platforms, eagle traps, vision quest sites, 
caves, trails, roads, water resource sites, homesteads, ranches, cabins, mills, railroads, 
transmission lines, mines, trash dumps, aspen art, isolated artifacts, graves, etc. The 
intern will learn the skills needed to recorded and evaluate archaeological sites which 
includes GIS and GPS mapping, testing, writing site descriptions, and describing 
environmental conditions surrounding the site. The intern will also become proficient in 
recommending mitigation options to protect threatened cultural resources. The intern will 
work under the supervision of the Grand Field Office Archaeologist. 

Location: Grand Junction Field Office
Minimum Qualifications:

Education: Successful  completion of a full four year (180 quarter or 120 semester 
hours) course of study leading to a bachelor's degree of major related study or at least 24 
semester hours in any combination of subjects such as geography, geology, or cultural 
geography; history, historiography, or historical archeology; environmental studies; 
scientific writing (nonfiction English composition); and/or surveying.  The optimal 
candidate should have had an archaeology field school and some experience with GPS.

Experience: Previous experience assisting professional archeologist in performing actual 
field studies (inventory or excavation); experience being part of an archaeological crew. 
GPS and ArcMap experience are preferred.\
Physical Requirements: The work is performed outdoors in rugged terrain; to include 
very steep, wet, muddy, rough, uneven or rocky surfaces; positions 
require physical exertions, such as, bending, crouching, stooping, 
stretching, reaching, hiking several miles, or similar activities for up to 10 hours a day.  
Fieldpacks are expected to weigh between 20 and 35 lbs depending on equipment needed 
for the day.  Crew members are expected to carry their own equipment. Office work 
may include sitting at a computer desk using computer equipment for up to 10 hours a 
day.  Individuals should be capable of working alone, or with other people, during early 
morning hours, night, or during the day.  The candidate would need to have a current, 
valid driver’s license.

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