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MA Student-CO Fieldwork Wanted-GIS, Survey, Excavation, & Lab Experience


Please contact me if you would like to view my full CV.

Thank you,

Corrie Ahrens

Education and Training:

Complete Fall 2013 Master of Arts Degree in Anthropology, Colorado State University (Archaeology Focus)

May 2009 Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology, Washington State University (Archaeology Focus)

May 2009 Bachelor of Art Degree in History, Washington State University


Summary of Skills:

·         Management of Laboratory Personnel

·         Highly experienced with ArcGIS and Microsoft Office Software

·         Analysis of Prehispanic ceramic and lithic materials

·         Identifying ,interpreting, and recording Prehispanic architecture features

·         Organizing and entering data into a database

·         Team player, excellent work ethic, detail oriented, and dependable

Professional Field and Laboratory Experience:

LORE-LPB Archaeology Project and Colorado State University

Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico

February 2, 2013-April 10, 2013


Laboratory Director:  Tasks included training and supervising laboratory personnel in artifact washing, inventory, photographing, and drawing.   To record this data I created labels and forms associated with field collection and laboratory inventory of different materials, which included ceramics, lithics, bone, soil, and charcoal.  Other responsibilities included entering the collected data into ADAM and organizing all of the artifacts for storage.  In addition, I participated in excavation at Sacapu Angamuco.

City of Wheat Ridge, Department of Parks and Recreation

Wheat Ridge, Colorado

December 2012-February 1, 2013


GIS Technician:  Field collection of data for an urban tree inventory using Trimble GeoHX 6000 GPS units and ArcGIS software.   Once field collection was complete, I uploaded and analyzed the data.   The majority of the time I worked independently, but was also required to train interns.  For analysis of the data, I calculated statistics, created graphs, and produced maps for a report of the project.  I also wrote a detailed instruction manual detailing the step by step process for field collection and uploading data.  I also developed a guide for assessing, identifying, and recording trees in the field. 


LORE-LPB Archaeology Project and Colorado State University

Pátzcuaro, Michoacán, Mexico

May 22, 2010-July 18, 2010 and May 21, 2011-July 11, 2011


Archaeological Technician:  Tasks included participation in pedestrian survey in rough/steep terrain and laboratory work.  Architecture feature information was recorded at the site of Sacapu Angamuco with Trimble GPS units and ArcGIS Software.  I participated in the collection, washing, analysis, photographing, and organizing of artifacts.  It was also my duty to enter all of the artifact information into ADAM.  These tasks were completed under the direction of the primary investigator.

LORE-LPB Archaeology Project and Colorado State University

Fort Collins, CO

Aug 2010-July 2011


Database Management and Data Entry:  Tasks include entering archaeological data into ADAM, a Microsoft based database.  In addition, I filled out architecture forms based on individual field notes and recorded GIS data to update data from 2009 into the current format.  I worked independently, but occasionally oversaw an undergraduate student volunteer.

Professional Papers and Posters Presented:

Ahrens, Corrie and Christopher T. Fisher (2011).  Storage at Sacapu Angamuco, Michoacán, Mexico.  76th Annual Society for American Archaeology, Sacramento, California.

Ahrens, Corrie; Bryan Baker; Christopher T. Fisher; Raquel Batista-Martinez (2010).  Measuring Space:  The Application of Geospatial Technology to Full Coverage Survey.  75th Annual Society for American Archaeology, St Louis, Missouri.

Ahrens, Corrie and Colin Grier (2009).  Economic Organization at Shingle Point, Valdes Island:  A Zooarchaeological Comparison of Mayne and Marpole Phase Components.  62nd Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Newport, Oregon.

Ahrens, Corrie; Jessica Byers and John G. Jones (2008).  The Use of Pollen Analysis in the Determination of Coal Origin: Implications for the Identification of an Oregon Shipwreck.  61st Annual Northwest Anthropological Conference, Victoria, BC, Canada.


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