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SOI-Qualified and RPA Archaeologist with 12+ years Southwest experience




An archaeologist with a proven track record of developing, implementing, leading, and conducting large and small scale archaeology field projects (175+), producing SHPO-approved compliance/technical reports (60+), and completing tasks on schedule, even under extreme conditions in the desert Southwest. Outstanding orienteering, surveying, and mapping skills with both the Trimble Geo XT and compass. Excellent health, endurance, and strength for hiking long distances and carrying heavy packs/equipment. Possess a strong work ethic, exceptional oral and written communication skills, a great sense of humor, and a love of archaeology.


· Knowledgeable: Over 12 years of Southwest cultural resource management (CRM) experience in surveying, testing (with trench facing and profiling), monitoring, and data recovery/excavation projects, including feature and burial excavations. Extensive fieldwork conducted on both historic and prehistoric sites throughout Arizona. 

·  Organized: Developed, managed, and conducted a 6,500+ acre, solo, year-long desert survey and site assessment to locate, map, and document unrecorded archaeological sites and features on State Trust Land; maintained field notes and artifact counts; produced all maps, photos, and site forms.

·  Dependable: All projects and Section 106 Agreement documents and compliance/ technical reports (55+) finished on schedule and SHPO approved. Excellent leadership skills, keen attention to detail, ability to multi-task, and a commitment to carrying any assignment to completion ensures a well-organized and cost-effective project.

Professional Experience

ield Archaeologist (on call) 2017 - present. Harris Environmental Group, Inc., Tucson, AZ
Monitor construction projects throughout Arizona. Responsible for identifying cultural resources, collecting data, and working with construction crews.

Project Archaeologist (on call) 2016 - present. Wood Group, Inc. (formerly Amec Foster Wheeler, Inc.), Phoenix, AZ
Fieldwork involves surveys and site monitoring during construction; responsible for background research (including AZSITE), writing technical reports, and other duties associated with completing projects.

Adjunct Faculty instructor 2014 - present. Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, AZ
Developed the online Buried Cities and Lost Tribes: New World course; in addition to introducing archaeology, my students learn about CRM, site interpretation, and the impact of looting; wrote my own textbook.

Archaeology Field Director 
2012 - 2013. Arizona Army National Guard and Department of Emergency and Military Affairs w/ Vanir Construction Management, Inc., Phoenix, AZ
Planned, developed, managed, and conducted all facets of a solo, year-long, 6,500+ acre Class III Cultural Resource Assessment Survey and Site Assessment of State Trust Land within the Florence Military Reservation, hiking over 800 miles in six months.  Located, photographed, recorded, identified, and mapped (Trimble Geo XT) 145+ unrecorded archaeological sites, 354 features, and tens of thousands of artifacts.  Prepared detailed, report-ready maps and completed site forms.  Trained volunteers for fieldwork.  Sites ranged in size from 25 to over 430,000 square meters. 

Contract Archaeologist 2011 - 2012. Logan Simpson Design, Inc. and Rio Salado Archaeology, Inc., Tempe, AZ
Worked on the salvage burial recovery at the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Complex Construction Site in downtown Phoenix. Re-catalogued, inventoried, and consolidated the artifact collection at the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community (SRPMIC)…a delicate undertaking in both the physical handling of thousands of Native American artifacts and in addressing tribal sensitivity associated with them. Conducted Class III archaeological survey, testing, monitoring, and data recovery/excavation projects throughout central Arizona.

Police Officer Recruit 2011. City of Mesa Police Department, Mesa, AZ
Following over a year of processing, qualifying, and eliminations, I was one of 10 individuals selected from 2,000 applicants for the position of Mesa Police Officer. While attending the Arizona Law Enforcement Academy (ALEA) as a recruit in Class 460, a training injury (temporary) required my resignation.

Southwest Region Project Archaeologist 2010 - 2011. EBI Consulting, Inc., Telecom Division, Phoenix, AZ
Managed all areas of archaeological survey work for the telecom division in the Southwest.  Conducted site file reviews (SHPO and AZSITE), site assessments and monitoring, determined the Area of Potential Effect (APE)-Visual Effect (VE) and APE-Direct Effect (DE) for each project, prepared Native American consultation letters, authored and reviewed compliance/technical reports (55+) for submittal to SHPO, prepared online compliance documents for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC Forms 620 and 621), as well as other Section 106 Agreement documents.

Crew Chief/Staff Archaeologist 2006 - 2009. The Louis Berger Group, Inc., Western Regional Office, Phoenix, AZ
As a Crew Chief on the Abandoned Historic Mine Location Project conducted for the National Park Service, my team located, mapped, and recorded 126 historic mines scattered throughout the Tucson Mountains. Identified, inventoried, and entered in Excel 12,000+ artifacts from the massive Carson City Freeway project. Conducted Class III archaeological survey, testing, monitoring, and data recovery/excavation projects in Arizona and Nevada. Proofread and edited reports.

Crew Chief/Archaeologist 2005. Environmental Planning Group, Inc. (EPG), Phoenix, AZ
Conduced Class III archaeological surveys for transmission line projects in northern Arizona. Completed site file reviews and compiled reports.

Contract Archaeologist/Field Technician 2004 - 2006. SWCA Environmental Consultants, Inc., The Louis Berger Group, Inc. Western Regional Office, and Northland Research, Inc., Phoenix and Tempe, AZ
Conducted Class III archaeological survey, testing, monitoring, and data recovery/excavation projects in Arizona, Nevada, and California.


Technical Skills

·         Extensive archaeological surveying, testing, monitoring, and data recovery/excavation experience

·         Site location, identification, and assessment for NR eligibility

·         Excellent in-field and report-ready mapping ability

·         Very Experienced with Trimble Geo XT w/Terrasync and Microsoft Office

·         Outstanding technical writing and editing skills

·         Exceptional public speaking and oral communication skills

·         AZSITE Database Experience

·         Primitive Camping Skills


·         Dust Control Compliance Training Rule 310 Basic Certification, Maricopa County 2008 - present

·         OSHA 10-hour Construction Safety Training, AO Solutions 2012 and 2016

·         OSHA Excavation Safety/Competent Person Training, ETC Compliance Solutions 2006 and 2016


Professional Affiliations and Permits

·       Arizona Antiquities Act Permit, Project Director

·      Nevada Antiquities Permit (#490), Principal Investigator and Field Director

·      Register of Professional Archaeologists #28576781 (RPA)


·         Doctoral Program (ABD) Applied Anthropology, University of South Florida

·         MA (summa cum laude) Applied Archaeology, University of South Florida

 (Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society)

·         BA Anthropology with architecture/history minors, Auburn University





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Sylvia has not only been a colleague of mine for a few years, she is also a good friend.  I have worked with her on several projects throughout Arizona. Sylvia is intelligent, reliable and trustworthy. She is easy to work with and always looking for ways to expand her base of knowledge. Sylvia is also flexible, pragmatic, and above all, handles herself professionally at all times. I offer her my highest recommendation.

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VSC is seeking a FT Principal Archaeologist Investigator for WSMR NM (Las Cruces area). This is a MON-FRI position with no weekends or holidays required.  All Principal Investigators must meet the qualifications for Archaeologists contained in the Secretary of the Interior Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation (48 FR 44720-44726) OR the New Mexico Administrative Code Qualification for Archaeological, This states that the individual must have a graduate degree in archaeology or anthropology and a minimum of 30 months of full-time professional experience. White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) has the need to complete analysis and documentation for cultural surveys in order to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) of 1969 as amended and Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) of 1966. Phase II testing may be required on those sites that need more detailed analysis to assess their National Register eligibility status. Work will comply with WSMR Archaeological Standards and Procedures, Installation Cultural Resources Management Plan and the Integrated Natural Resources Management Plan.  Candidates should submit a resume and cover letter that reflects relevant experience to  This is an urgent fill position.

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Available for local or out-of-town fieldwork as I am not teaching on-campus, just online.


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