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Roman provincial excavation in Romania - CARP 2013

Darren Poltorak

     CARP 2013 taking applicants

CUMIDAVA ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH PROJECT (CARP) Rasnov, Southern Transylvania, Romania JULY 14 – AUGUST 17, 2013 Tensions between Dacia and Rome always ran high. This came to a head in the beginning of the 2nd Century AD, when Trajan led two campaigns across the Danube to attack Dacia. The war was hard fought, and the Roman suffered heavy losses, but in the end, Trajan claimed Dacia for the Roman Empire, and returned to Rome to celebrate his victory. But what of the people of Dacia? Now that they were in the Roman Empire, how did their lives change? How did they interact with the Roman Army that was left behind? For a long time, these questions were ignored, but the CARP (Cumidava Archaeological Research Project) work is looking to answer just these questions. CARP is working in town of Rașnov, near the city of Brasov and nearby Bram Stocker’s Bran Castle, which was part of the Roman limes, a system of defensive forts that established the Roman Empire’s control over the area. These forts, called castra (castrum singular), are found throughout the contentious regions of the empire, and housed the Roman Legions. Through literary sources and material finds, the Roman name for this castrum is known to be Cumidava, which was established during the Daco-Roman wars (102-106 A.D.), and was utilized for roughly 150 years by the Romans. The 2013 season will continue to explore these question, while teaching students the necessary skills to work on archaeological sites. The mix of established site excavation along with exploratory work will offer a great deal of opportunity to experience different styles of archaeology, as well as dealing with research of forward thinking ideas about the past.

No experience necessary, all skills will be taught on-site.
Spaces are limited to 11, so sign-up today!
Questions? Email
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Duration: July 14, 2013 through August 17, 2013
    5 weeks (2 weeks minimum stay) 
Cost: USD $876. 
Price includes:
 •Excavation registration, taxes and fees
 •Housing in either a two- or three-person room with bathroom at a local pension.
 •Excavation tools, kitchen supplies, dig shirt, etc.
Dinner Option: Traditional Romanian cooking from the pension’s chef. Dinners Sunday through Friday. Additional $200 for full 5 weeks. (Those planning shorter stays or have dietary restrictions should contact for further information) Please indicate in application if you want the Dinner Option.


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