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Here we go again! Didn't they just do this?



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It's nice to see that the wise world of television is documenting the efforts of the "amateur historian" to get rich while saving America's past.  Just think, the next time you are at the gas station next to a pick-up truck with half a dozen Mountain Dew bottles full of dip juice, it just might be one of these heroes of history.  

Screw You Travel Channel...

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I have yet to see the seris but at least the cast is better looking than the Savage Family Diggers on Spike TV.  Why do the TV shows always have to show how much something is worth in monetary terms?  From Pawn Stars to the Pickers and Antiques Roadshow it is always how much the object is worth.  I dont think the viewing public is so stupid they cannot relate to the informational value of the artifact rather than just a dollar amount.  Looking forward to seeing this seris so I can see for myself.

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I got rid of my TV over 25 years ago. If people didn't watch its garbage, it would change or die. If you keep watching, oh, well.


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