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University of Montana graduate Archaeology/Osteology seeking field/lab work in Western U.S.


Curriculum Vitae


JUSTIN URBANTAS                                                               September 2013



1508 Spurlock Rd                                                                                                         

Missoula, Montana 59802

Telephone:  (912) 441-1034






2003     High School Diploma.  East Paulding High School, Dallas, GA.


2008- 2011   Biology Program. Dalton State College, Dalton, GA.


2013     Bachelor of Arts. University of Montana, Missoula, MT.

            Department of Anthropology

            Honors in the Major Program

            Certificate Program in Archaeology

            Focus: Archaeology, Biological Archaeology



Honors and Awards

2008 – 2010      Biology Program Dean’s List – Dalton State College

2011 – 2013      College of Arts and Science’s Dean’s List – University of Montana



2011 – 2013      Montana Anthropology Student Association

2012 – 2013      President of Experimental Archaeology Club (Wilderness Skills Club)

2011 – 2013      University of Montana Wilderness Association

2011 – 2012      University of Montana Equestrian Team



Archaeology & Bioarchaeology Field & Lab Experience


Teaching Assistant

2013     Fall

ANTY 412 Human Osteology

Assisted Dr. McKeown with classroom activities

Prepared fragmentary materials for quizzes

Provided students with one on one learning with the osteological collection



Bamburgh Research Project

2013     July

            Survey and excavation of Anglo Saxon/ Medieval and Neolithic sites

            Training in artifact collection, biological sampling, and curation.

            Training in plan/stratigraphy drawing

Training in modern survey and excavation methods




Artifact Analysis

2013     January-May

Exposure to forensic firearms analysis techniques with Doug Scott

            Use of PastPerfect software

            Artifact identification, photography, and curation

            Artifact cataloguing




Osteology/Forensic and Mortuary Archaeology


            Bone identification and skeletal analysis

Sex and age estimation methods

            Trauma and pathology identification

            Grave excavation and mapping procedures

Surface scatter interpretation

Taphonomic effects on skeletal material

GIS digital mapping techniques

Compliance with NAGPRA regulations




Independent Study Project: Archie Bray Historical Site

2012     August-November

            Assisted Dr. Kelly Dixon with a site analysis of blacksmith shop

            Using knowledge of blacksmithing, identified previously unidentified artifacts

Consulted with Historic Preservation Office to create site preservation plan








Relevant classes


            Cultural Resource Management                          Independent Study: Historical Archaeology

Forensic and Mortuary Archaeology                     Archaeology of North America                            Osteology                                                         Archaeology of the Arctic/Subarctic                                 Anthropological Data Analysis                            Archaeological Survey   







Relevant skills


            Orienteering                                                       Wilderness survival training

GPS operation                                                   Firearms proficiency

            Antique firearms knowledge                                12 years of blacksmithing expertise

            First aid/emergency medicine                             Horse packing

            Microsoft Office Suite proficiency                                    Basic GIS mapping experience

Field use of EDM/Total station                            Backpacking/backcountry camping

Archaeological survey










Selected Relevant Employment




U.S. Army


2003 – 2011

            Leadership and team building

            Survival and emergency medicine training

            Security and transportation

            Managed stand-alone shop on deployment in Iraq



EKA Chemicals

Laboratory Technician

2009 – 2010

            Laboratory equipment operation

            Chemical inventory control

Expired chemical disposal

            Experiment design and testing

            Data entry and word processing














Ashley McKeown, PhD

Associate Professor  

Department of Anthropology

University of Montana

32 Campus Drive, Missoula, MT 59812

(406) 243-2145



Kelly Dixon, PhD

Associate Professor 

Department of Anthropology

University of Montana

32 Campus Drive, Missoula, MT 59812





Randall Skelton, PhD

Professor of Anthropology

Department of Anthropology

University of Montana

32 Campus Drive, Missoula, MT 59812





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