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Our commitment is to promote Archaeology in its different aspects of research, training, and conservation, with a basic and clear purpose: to involve anyone from around the world who wishes to gain access to this scientific field. Sanisera is an international archaeological organization whose main aim is that of promoting and developing research, so that our current and future generations can be enriched by culture and education in this field.

Why participate?

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General Information

The Sanisera Field School offers an annual archaeological dig on Epidaurum (Cavtat), a place located only 16 km from the spectacular city of Dubrovnik, capital of the Adriatic Sea. This course is for students who come from all over the world to study abroad and who are interested in Roman cities and Classical archaeology.

The archaeological dig of Epidaurum is located in a stunning setting surrounded by the sea. Epidaurum, originally an Illyrian settlement, most likely gained status as a Roman colony during the reign of Augustus. It was an important port and transportation hub, the majority of the traffic coming from ships travelling the entire eastern coast of the Adriatic Sea. The city developed rapidly due to its location, the easy communication thanks to the sea, and the well-established roads connected to internal regions. Although legend claims Slavs and Avars destroyed the city in the 7th century, and that the refugees of the ravaged city founded Dubrovnik, it is more likely that Epidaurum ceased to exist as a city and gradually declined before the invasion of Slavs and Avars on this region.

Fieldwork will focus on the excavation of a public building from the ancient city of Epidaurum, dated between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD. The Harris system will be followed in order to systematically dig all the sequence the site has. In the laboratory students will learn to classify all the artifacts found on the site, including Roman pottery, numismatics and faunal remains.

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This is the only course that The Sanisera Field School offers in Croatia. If you are thinking about participating as a volunteer for the first time in an archaeological field school, this course could be a good option for you. This course accommodates participants both with and without experience.   .

You will learn from the very beginning excavation technique and methodology. You will easily find classical archaeological remains from the Roman world such a pottery, amphora, coins, glass, etc. which you will learn to classify in the laboratory.

The experience gained on completion of this program will help you decide if archaeology is the area of research in which to center your studies and if you want to make anthropology your professional future.
The program takes place next to the Adriatic Sea, in a charming area next to the spectacular medieval city of Dubrovnik. Previous knowledge or experience in archaeology or computer systems is not required.

Field School life & language

The fieldwork focuses on Classical Archaeology, and specifically on Roman archaeology. It runs 7 hours a day, and it is divided between excavation, lab work, exercises, lectures and excursions.
Students receive an intensive introduction on basic aspects of archaeological excavation techniques (following the Harris Matrix), which are applied during the excavation time. In the laboratory, students process, classify and study excavated material as well as attend lectures on the study of Roman archaeology. In addition to the daily excavation and laboratory work, students learn about Roman History through organized excursions. For every seven course days, there are two days off.  The course is taught in English.

Sessions & Cost
For 2014: 5 sessions, 20 days each

August 8 August 27 $2,800
August 30 - September 18 $2,800
September 20 - October 9 $2,600
October 12 - October 31 $2,600
November 3- November 22 $2,400

Course fee includes
Course tuition
Walking distance to the historic center, port and beaches
Breakfast, lunch and dinner
Morning snack at the site
Accident insurance at the site
Daily transportation to/from the archaeological fieldwork
Certificate of participation

Airfare not included from the student home to/from Dubrovnik (Croatia).


At the end of the Field Program, students will receive a certificate of participation stating the hours and activities of the course. Participants that perform exceedingly well in the course may receive a letter of recommendation from our organization upon request.

Spaces available

The course is limited to 12 participants per session. Reservations are only effective when payment of the registration fee is received. If for any reason the course is cancelled, payment is returned according to the field school refund policy.

Minimum Length of Stay for Volunteers: 20 days / Minimum Age: 18 (contact with questions about age) / Experience Required: No

Contact Information Cesar Gonzalez .Email: .Phone: 00.34.666 68 65 50



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