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6313 Rudy Vidovic • El Paso, Texas 79932 • Phone (915) 494-3591 • E-mail:



B.A., Anthropology, Northern Illinois University

Masters Program, Archaeology, Northern Illinois University

Masters Thesis: “An Inventory and Analysis of Selected Mississippian Burned Structures”


Primary Research Interests

My primary focus and interests are in the dynamics of household archaeology, architecture, settlement patterns, and social power of past complex societies.  One feature is to examine the changing aspects of daily life by comparing and contrasting communities and households (e.g., towns, villages, hamlets, and farmsteads) within a given region.  These characteristics may shed light on trends in household organization and their course of regional social development during the rise and fall of complex societies.



1992 Southern Illinois University / Edwardsville Field School at Cahokia Mounds State Historical Site, Illinois.  Research for the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA) and the Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site was to locate and document previous Mound 56 investigations from the 1920's by Warren K. Moorehead.  The primary objective of the research field school was to study poorly known aspects of the Cahokia Mounds site, utilizing methods that are minimally destructive to the archaeological record.



 15 years of experience involved in all aspects of cultural resource management (CRM).  Managed and conducted over 100 individual projects for government entities, oil and gas industry, highway departments, transmission lines, housing development, power and electric companies, and water pipeline construction in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Utah, and Illinois. 



 Managed and directed numerous data recovery/mitigation projects in the Southwest stemming from the Section 106 of NHPA, Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, and Section 110 and the Antiquity code of Texas (ACT).  Mitigation projects have included a variety of site types such as single component camps, large multi component pit house village sites, processing centers, burned rock middens, and small burned rock features.



 Cultural Resource Inventories.  Completed at least 100 cultural resource inventories throughout the Southwest United States.  These inventories ranged from small well pad, oil tank battery platforms, and oil and gas pipelines, transmission, power and water lines, and gravel pits to large block areas of thousands of acres to several 100 miles of right-of-way (ROWs) requiring multiple crews.  Inventories were completed for government agencies and private industry.  Projects involved pedestrian surveys of development areas, shovel testing, inventories of historic and prehistoric sites, completion of site forms, site and building sketch maps, analyzing cultural materials, writing reports, and making site and project eligibility recommendations and providing direction for future investigations.



 2011-2013      Archaeologist, Geo-Marine Environmental, Inc., El Paso, Texas.

 2003-2011      Field Supervisor and GIS Specialist, TRC Environmental, El Paso, Texas.

 2002-2003      Field Archaeologist and GIS Specialist, United States Forest Service, Manti La-Sal National Forest, Moab-Monticello District, Utah. 

 2002                Field Archaeologist, Western Cultural Resources Management, Inc,  Farmington, New Mexico.

 2000-2002       Field Supervisor and GIS Specialist, Mesa Field Services, Carlsbad, New                    Mexico.

 1999-2000       Archaeologist and GIS Specialist, Lone Mountain Archaeological Services,  Inc., in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

 1994-1998       Field Archaeologist, Northern Illinois University Contract of Archaeology Office,  De Kalb, Illinois.


My practical background include technical and practical methods for the purpose as supervisor, geographic data collection, and many computer related software including ArcGis, Microsoft Office and statistical packages such as SPSS.




2008    Assessing Organizational Strategies During the Late Mesilla Phase (A.D. 600 to 1100):  A Data Recovery of Four Prehistoric Sites along the Organ Mountains Alluvial Fans, Doña Ana Firing Complex, Range 48, Fort Bliss Military Installation, Doña Ana County, New Mexico.  Fort Bliss Cultural Resources Report No.  0304.  Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division Conservation Branch. Fort Bliss, Texas.


2009    Late Mesilla Phase Subsistence Strategies Along the Hueco Mountain Alluvial Fans (A.D. 600 to 1190):  Mitigation of Ten Prehistoric Sites In Maneuver Area 32, Fort Bliss Military Installation, Otero County, New Mexico.  Fort Bliss Cultural Resources Report No.  0709.  Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division Conservation Branch. 


2010    Land-Use Patterns From Archaic to Formative Period Sites:  Mitigation of Eight Prehistoric Sites in Maneuver Area 1B, Fort Bliss Military Installation, El Paso County, Texas.  Fort Bliss Cultural Resources Report No.  0815.  Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division Conservation Branch.



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