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Wyoming Army National Guard wants to host your field school!!!


Hi All

The Wyoming Army National Guard manages for close to 1,300 archaeological sites across the State of Wyoming. Our largest facility, Camp Guernsey, is in and around the town of Guernsey, WY in the east central part of the state. There are many opportunities to study unique archaeological resources related to Great Plains history and prehistory and we would like to host a field school to do it! For context of our archaeological resources, we are within 10 miles of the following:

Hell Gap Paleoindian Site: 3 miles
Powars II Paleoindian Site: <1 mile
Patten Creek Paleoindian Site: on camp
Hartville Uplift tool-stone source (Spanish Diggings): on camp
Rock art sites: on camp
Over 1000 stone circles, cairns, and rock alignment features on camp

Guernsey Dam National Historic Site: <1 mile
Register Cliff/Oregon Trail Ruts State Park: <1 mile
Oregon/California/Pony Express/Mormon Trail Routes: on camp
Fort Laramie: 10 miles
Historic rock inscriptions: on camp
Over 60 individual frontier homesteads on camp

Please spread the word. If your school is interested in a great place to study archaeology on the Great Plains, Camp Guernsey is the perfect place! The Wyoming Army National Guard may be able to support your institution with logistics and accommodations during your field school. If you or a colleague might be interested in partnering with the Wyoming Army National Guard, please contact Ken Humphrey using the info below:

Kenneth Humphrey

Cultural Resources Manager

Wyoming Military Department (Wyoming Army National Guard)

5410 Bishop Blvd.

Cheyenne, WY 82009




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