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Blogging Archaeology


Hey Everyone,

There is going to be a session at the 2014 SAA conference on blogging in archaeology. Leading up to it the conference we are going to be running a blog carnival on the subject of blogging in archaeology. Click here to find out more

We would love to have anyone and everyone who is interested in or has blogged about archaeology to participate. Join in as many or as few sessions as you want to become one of us #archaeocarnies

PS the actual twitter hashtag if you want to follow what is happening with the carnival is #blogarch but we loved the term #archaeocarnies so much we are using that too.

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Thanks for starting this Doug! I really love the idea of overlapping with the SAA session for those who can't attend. My post for your November prompt "Why did you start a blog?" is available here:

lol at #archaeocarnies 

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First month is done- we have had 59 responses (and it keeps going up) to the question why blog about archaeology. If you want to know the answer I recommend you browse some of the 50+?60+ responses. Actually, I recommend browsing them all as no two are alike but that is just my personaL opinion-

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Hi all

The blogging carnival on archaeology has been doing for several months now and I would like to invite anyone who has not participated to please feel free to join in and if you have already joined in to keep participating. If you have no idea what a blog carnival is or want to know more, details can be found here-

Also there are two calls for papers around the subject of Blogging and Archaeology:

1. Dr. Colleen Morgan is putting together a special peer-reviewed issue of Internet Archaeology on Archaeology and Blogging. For more information about the dedicated issue of Internet Archaeology, please contact Colleen Morgan ( by the 10th of Feb. That date is key as spaces for the IA issue are limited and Colleen needs to know if you are interested right away. Those papers need to follow IA standards and how to write for IA can be found here-

2. Chris Webster and myself are putting together an e-book of papers on Blogging and Archaeology. We have a publisher lined up and the e-book will be Open Access so everyone can read it. We are currently calling for any papers on Blogging and Archaeology

If you are interested in contributing a paper on the subject of Archaeology and Blogging the details are as follows:

Let me know by March 5th if you are interested in participating -
Papers are due April 5th, email them to Chris at
Put in as many graphics as you want. Because it is an ebook size does not matter.
The same goes for length but if you plan to go over 6000 words please let us know. It can be as short as you want it, like the length of a blog post
Use the Harvard referencing system
Style- write in whatever style you want, 1st person casual or 3rd person academic it does not matter. British English, American English, German, etc. it does not matter but please stay consistent.
There will be an editorial review but no peer review
It can be on any subject related to Archaeology and Blogging. It can be a fully referenced examination of a topic or a personal narrative. It can be a photo essay too. There is no limitation to how you write your piece.

If you have any questions please email me.

Thank you


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