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High School Archaeological Digs in Spain


ArchaeoSpain offers two of the few programs in the world that offer fieldwork opportunities to high school students ages 16 and 17. 

In the Roman Forum of Pollentia on the Spanish island of Mallorca, our team (led by bilingual group leaders) will join a Spanish crew of archaeologists and students as they excavate the heart of the Roman city. The schedule includes fieldwork in the mornings, artifact conservation in the afternoon, seminars, and weekend excursions to historical sites and the beach.

At the Medieval Castle of Zorita in central Spain, the group will excavate a 9th-century fortress built by Moorish invaders and later occupied by an order of Christian knights and Spanish Jews. We will conduct fieldwork in the mornings, classroom sessions in the afternoon with the artifacts, and go on excursions to nearby historical sites on the weekends.   

No experience or Spanish-speaking ability is required. 

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Jose Luis Marino, ArchaeoSpain Deputy Director


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