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Balkan Heritage Field School season 2014


Dear colleagues, partners, students and friends,

I am pleased to announce that Balkan Heritage Field School (BHFS) has just opened the application session for our new field school season in 2014!

Be sure to check out our website at: for exciting surprises and great deals for the new season!  

Beside our traditional excavation and conservation projects the BHFS has added to the 2014 Program NEW field school projects on:
  • Roman Glass Conservation;
  • Roman Mural-painting Conservation;
  • Advanced Digital Photographic Documentation of Artifacts and Architecture (RTI and Photogrammetry);
  • and the Excavation of the Biggest Biritual (with Inhumation and Cremation) Necropolis in South-eastern Europe from the Early Medieval (Late Migration) Period in Topola on the Black Sea Coast.

For the first time - great new discounts of 45% OFF for project alumni returning in 2014 to the same BHFS projects such as Ilindentsi, Tell Yunatsite and Apollonia. Early Bird DISCOUNTS for participants are up to 15% OFF THE REGULAR ADMISSION FEES!

And last but not the least – expect soon the NEW BHFS project packs combining two to three different projects and providing opportunities for more comprehensive experience with different archaeological topics, sites and chronological periods: 
·         The Prehistoric Pack - two periods (Neolithic and Chalcolithic) at two sites for four to eight-weeks;
·         The Ancient Greek Pack - two sites (at the coast and in the mainland) for four to eight-weeks;
·         The Ancient Greek and Roman Pack - several periods of Classical and Late Antiquity, two sites (Stobi and Pistiros) in two countries (Bulgaria and Macedonia) for four to eight-weeks;
·         European Archeology in Brief–All in One Pack - all periods (Prehistory, Classical, Late Antiquity and Middle Ages), three types of sites (Prehistoric settlement, Ancient shrine and Early medieval necropolis) for six weeks.
In the meantime you are all welcome to apply on-line at:

Come and join us in our cause of preserving the Balkan cultural heritage!

Anna Parmakova
BHFS Admission Office



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