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MS Osteologist - human, animal - analysis, cemetery removal... any location


I have no ties to location, and am available to work anywhere, even on short notice for lab or fieldwork. Currently in East Tennessee. Open to long and short term contracts.

Basically I was in the field up until 2008 when the recession did a number on the company I was working for. I had to seek other employment while in the UK. Now that I am permanently back in the US I'm ready to get back in the field/lab.

Education:    Mercyhurst College, Erie, PA                                             Durham University, Durham, UK
                     BS Anthropology/Archaeology 2002                                   MSc. Paleopathology 2007
                     Concentration: Forensic Anthropology                          

Field Experience:

2007 - 2008   

AOC Archaeology, London


Employed as a general site assistant and osteoarchaeologist. Involved in several excavations and evaluations, including historic cemetery removal, skeletal assessments and report writing. Last project was the analysis of 692 individuals from a post-medieval cemetery site in north London. 


June-Aug. 2006             

Alpine Archaeological Consultants, Montrose, CO

Field Technician, Craig, CO

Phase III excavations of several prehistoric sites along a pipeline.


Mar. - June 2006           

TRC-Garrow, Atlanta, GA

Osteologist, Swansboro, NC

Phase III excavation of mid to late Woodland site. Most work entails excavating features (some primary burials) and identification of human and faunal remains.


Mar. 2005-Mar. 2006        

New South Associates, Atlanta, GA

Osteologist, 1MiamiD (8DA11) Miami, FL

Phase III excavation of Tequesta burial site. Work included detailed excavation and mapping of secondary burials in large ossuaries.  I was responsible for identifying highly fragmented human and faunal remains.  Also responsible for detailed site notes and both slide and digital photography.


Nov. 2004                       

Burns and McDonnel, Kansas City, MO

Field Technician, Lovewell Reservoir, KS

Phase III excavation of earth lodge site. Work involved mapping pot busts and post molds.


Sept. 2004                       

Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver, CO

Performed many site surveys and excavations in Colorado, Kansas and Nebraska.

Oct. 2003                         

Cultural Resources, Inc.

Field Technician, Portsmouth, VA

Phase II survey.


Aug. - Oct. 2003                 

University of Maine, Farmington

Field Technician, Swanton, VT (VT-FR-318)

Phase II survey of Woodland Period site.


Aug. 2003                            

University of Maine, Farmington

Field Technician, Bennington, VT (VT-BE-208)

Phase I survey of Woodland Period site.


Feb. 2002                            

Meadowcroft Rock Shelter (36WH297), Washington County, PA
Field Technician
Site maintenance of the Meadowcroft Rock Shelter near Pittsburgh, PA.

June-July 2000                    

Erie Land Lighthouse (36ER28) Erie, PA
Field Technician (Student)
Six week field school at the Erie Land Lighthouse in Erie, PA. Consisted of 
excavation of site, data entry of artifact information, note-taking, mapping, use of total station, and artifact processing.

Forensic Experience:

Assisted in recovery and analysis of disturbed unmarked cemetery graves. Erie County Cemetery, Erie, PA


Assisted in subsurface search for human remains (using EM-31 Conductivity Instrument), Mifflin County, PA.  Pennsylvania State Police, Lewistown, PA.

Assisted in the evaluation of forensic significance of (animal) bones found in attic. Venango County Coroner's Office, Franklin, PA.

Assisted in the recovery and analysis of mummified human skeletal remains.  Dauphin County Coroner's Office, Harrisburg, PA.


Summer 2001 Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, Boston, MA
Under the direction of Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Ann Marie Mires. Took digital photographs, assisted Massachusetts State Police in forensic cases, processed remains (cleaning, analyzing) of both humans and animals, organized case files, and assisted in the instruction of another student

Practical Experience:


Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver, CO

Anthropology/Archaeology collections department. Scanned and edited photographs, linked to the museum’s database.



Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Lab Volunteer

Sorting, cleaning and identifying osteological, prehistoric, and historic material from several archaeology




Mercyhurst College Osteology/Forensic Lab

Lab Assistant

Sorting bone material from archaeological sites and forensic cases, cleaning of bone material from forensic

cases, cleaning and sorting of specimens for comparative analysis collection.



Mercyhurst College Processing

Lab Assistant

analyzing artifacts, processing artifacts (clean, label, and record), and sorting soil samples.


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