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Cultural Resource Assistant volunteer - New River Gorge National River, WV

Jennifer Palmer

Cultural Resource Assistant
New River Gorge National River
Address:  P.O. Box 246 Glen Jean, WV 25846
Contact:  ((see listing))
Availability:  1/1/2014--12/31/2014
Created:  12/16/2013
Suitability:  Adults, Seniors, Groups
Difficulty:  Average
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Volunteer Activities
• Archaeology
• Research Library
• Historical Preservation
• General Assistance


Volunteer (s) will support the implementation of the cultural resource program; organize and update the programs records, maps, reports, and files; clean, catalog, label and curate the artifact collections; and read and review NERI cultural resource documents and reports. Individual (s) will input data on archeological sites into the Access and Geographic Information system databases; accurately complete West Virginia State Historic Preservation Office site record forms; use global positioning system to record locations of NERI’s archeological sites; conduct archeological site reconnaissance, surface artifact collection, and basic excavation activities; and inventory, maintain, and construct archeological equipment. VIP’s may give talks to school and other groups on the park’s cultural resource management program.

Individual must be able to work in an independent, effective and efficient manner on assigned tasks. Knowledge of Appalachian and West Virginia history.

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