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archaeology volunteer project: April 2014: De Soto National Forest, MS

Jennifer Palmer

De Soto NF
New! Working on the Point: Excavations at Site 22Pe2757

April 1-5; 7-12, 2014 (including weekends)

Must commit to one entire session; may participate in both

Join us this spring for another plunge into the past on the De Soto National Forest! Site 22Pe2757 or, "Surrounded by Logs," as it has come to be known, was first discovered on a woodland overlook point in May of 2013. Based on projectile point morphology and pottery styles and decoration recovered during preliminary studies, the site seems to be multi-component, having been occupied during two distinct time periods: the Middle Woodland (ca. 1,500-2,000 B.P.), and the Early Mississippian (ca. 850-1000 B.P.). However, in the short time since its discovery, little more has been discovered about the site and its prehistoric occupants, and it will be our job to change that!

During this year's excavation, PIT volunteers and De Soto NF staff will carefully examine the subsurface of the site, using trowel and shovel and other traditional methods to determine the site's physical boundaries and its cultural depths and concentrations. We also hope, during the course of our study, to better define the specific differences and similarities between the two distinct occupations. Volunteers will get a hands-on "tour" of this part of prehistoric southern Mississippi, whilst getting the usual dose of bad puns and worse jokes. But, we will come away from this project with a better understanding of the former residents of the overlook and their place in Mississippi's prehistoric past. We hope to see you in April!

Number of openings: 40 (20 per session)

Special skills: Must be physically capable of sitting/kneeling/standing for extended periods each day, "moving dirt" slowly and carefully and, most importantly, laughing, having fun, and listening to bad jokes; previous archaeological excavation, site mapping, and/or artifact identification experience (specifically on the De Soto NF) is helpful and desired, but not required

Minimum age: 18 years old

Facilities: Dispersed and on-site tent camping available at no charge; chemical toilet, no potable water; developed tent and RV camping at Paul B. Johnson State Park and Flint Creek Water Park available at volunteer expense; water, flush toilets, bathhouse, and a full range of other amenities; volunteers responsible for personal camping equipment/lodging, food, water, and daily transportation to and from designated meeting area

Nearest towns: Wiggins, 10 miles; Brooklyn, 11 miles; Hattiesburg, 40 miles

Applications due: February 10, 2014

More information here.


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