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open forum: questions/comments/suggestions regarding this website

Jennifer Palmer

I often receive questions regarding this website via e-mail (or in person, as I run into folks at conferences and on projects). Here are a few that I've answered, offered up for anyone who may have been curious about any of these items.

Q: Why don't you post more CRM/fieldwork jobs? And what's with the park ranger postings?

A: Unlike other job posting sites which are entirely comprised of submissions, has always been a bit of a mix. We have jobs posted by companies and user submissions (e-mails asking me to post a job, or suggesting a lead on another site). The bulk of the job postings, however, are found elsewhere on the internet and forwarded to this site. Most mornings I spent about 2 hours scouring the internet for employment adverts to share here. Honestly I keep looking for ads until I run out of time, and have to move onto another task (usually getting my kids ready for school, and getting ready for work).

I usually try to pass on just about anything I see.  Occasionally I will refrain from posting an advert because the pay is offensively low, though the argument can be made that maybe it's acceptable to someone, somewhere. Hopefully you'll accept that this is my perogative being the owner of :)

I post the park ranger/interpretive type positions because folks have asked me to. It's not easy to get hired for a permanent job in state and federal government, and often those with prior experience have a leg up on those who are otherwise equally-qualified. I limit these postings, however, to the realm of anything that's reasonably related to the world of archaeology. You will see postings here for cultural heritage, museum, architectural history, history, and various academic positions as well as archaeologist jobs.

I'm always on the lookout for other jobs to post. If there are other sites (or job openings) I'm missing, please feel free to pass them along. My e-mail is

Q: Does anyone actually get hired by posting their resume here?

A: I would venture a guess that the numbers are very low compared to the mass of resumes posted, but from feedback I've received it does happen from time to time.

Q: What's with all the ads on these pages? Is this your full-time job? Is this a big money maker?

A: I've been asked this a lot through the years. is not my full-time job. I am usually gainfully employed as a field archaeologist and additionally hold a part-time job as a soldier in the Army Reserve. I guess you could say that this is my 2nd part-time job.

The funniest question I was asked on this was about my "paid staff" that must run the site.  There is no staff, just me.  My husband calls this website "the money pit". We have to file taxes on every year, and I can answer that this endeavor actually costs us money. The Google ads bring in far less money than it costs to run the website. It was never my intention for to be a money maker, and I'm ok with this. The bit of revenue from the ads helps to defray the cost of running it (and keeps my husband off my back for the most part).

Q: Why don't you charge to post jobs?

A: Personal decision. I'd like this to remain a free resource. It is gratifying to know that this site has helped folks in some way through the years (whether it be obtaining information or a job), and that is sufficient incentive to continue.

Q: Why doesn't this website have xyz feature?

A: I'm freshly unemployed at present, so it's likely some long-overdue work will be done on the website in the near future. I realize things aren't perfect in the setup and there is a lot of stuff I'd like to add. I do appreciate the suggestions I've received.  Please keep the feedback coming. I've kept going all these years because folks continue to come to the site. It will remain up as long as I know people are finding it useful.

Q: What can I do to help?

A: Tell your friends/co-workers/professors about the site. Ask your employer if they'd like to post a job opening here. It's one of the few sites with a considerable amount of web traffic where they can post a job for free. 

Again, thanks for your support. Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm always open to your comments and suggestions on how to improve the site.


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Jennifer Palmer

I will update this thread as new questions are asked (I often get e-mails from folks who don't want to post on the site for some reason). Lots of lurkers here, but the percentage of posters is quite miniscule in comparison. That's ok, lurkers are welcome.

Q: Why are there so many permanent and higher-level positions vs. temporary and seasonal positions?

A: These are what companies tend to post on the internet. Most field crew positions are hired internally, with referrals from existing and former employees. Some companies are actually afraid to advertise lest they be deluged with hundreds of e-mails from job applicants (hear this a lot). I don't think the latter should be much of a concern with posting to, as advertisers have the ability to edit or delete a job posting in real-time.

Q: How many jobs are out there? Why aren't there the type of positions in the locations I'm looking for?

A: I pass along only what I can find. And trust me, I know I do miss some job postings, even from the sites I frequently check (USAJOBS, governmentjobs, etc.)  There are undoubtedly a ton of positions being posted (and even more never advertised), and it may take a tenacious job-seeker to root them out. I've always advised folks not to rely upon any one job site in their employment search. Think of as just one resource, but it should not be the only one you are using. Sign up for e-mails from shovelbums, and check the employment listings pages of your local and regional archaeological societies. Occasionally ads are posted on ARCH-L, ACRA-L, and other e-mail lists.  Bookmark the employment pages of CRM companies in your area. There are a lot of places you could potentially be looking and this should be one resource in many that you are checking out.

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I'll bite:

Q: I'm not sure how I feel about the tag based structure of this forum, why did you decide on this format over some open-source solutions such as Simple Machines?

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Jennifer Palmer

A: Honestly I never heard of Simple Machines until now, but from quick Googling it seems to be a PHP/MySQL forum platform. Three prior manifestations of the website were run on a similar setup (can't remember the first, but the second two were YaBB and phpBB). Unfortunately running a popular, open-source software led to some hacking issues, and ongoing problems with bugs. In the second phpBB forum version of the site we had over 13,000 members and 10,000+ messages, and lost it all due to a crash and had to start over from scratch.

The last phpBB setup had 21 forums if I recall. Members were complaining about not being able to find topics they were looking for, and there was the issue of several forums being the applicable place to post a new message. We decided to strip it down and go with fewer forums and message tags in an effort to improve navigation. In retrospect, I'm not sure if I would have chosen to go the route of message tags given the choice again. The new (as of January 2010) manifestation of the website was custom-written code by my husband. We were able to import the existing phpBB database at the time, but it wasn't an easy process.  It's probably not as apparent for the end user, but it runs much quicker and more smoothly than the previous phpBB setups. We ran load testing before rolling it out simulating massive spikes of traffic and it exhibited the potential to better handle future growth than its predecessors.  There are certainly things I still feel are missing and would like to add or tweak in the future, but I think of it as a work in progress.

Hope that answers your question. Thanks for asking!


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Thanks for the Field School tab!!!


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