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Volunteer opportunity: Teton Reservoir Stone Circles Recording & Survey Project, WY

Jennifer Palmer

Rawlins Field Office - BLM
New! Teton Reservoir Stone Circles Recording & Survey Project
Teton Reservoir Stone Circle

June 16-20; 23-27, 2014

Must commit to one full session; may participate in both

Join us at the beautiful Teton Reservoir for a hike into Wyoming's past! During this project, we will focus on the area's stone circles and other, adjacent archaeological phenomena. The site area is in the historic Kindt Basin, on a small ridge overlooking Teton Reservoir and Little Sage Creek. To the north is Sheep Mountain, a classic Western butte. The Overland Trail, an emigrant trail and stagecoach route from the 1860s is a mile-and-a-half to the south, and the Continental Divide Hiking Trail is a mile to the west. The road west across Bridger Pass is about a mile to the north. The Cherokee Trail, created in 1849 by Cherokee gold rushers from Oklahoma also ran through the Kindt Basin, though its exact route is unknown (and awaiting a future PIT project to locate it!).

Our main area of survey will be the site originally recorded in 1974. It will need a complete re-study, in fact, because the original had only a general, undetailed and small-scale sketch map included. Additionally, only 22 stone circles were counted, whereas today, there are known to be closer to 30, perhaps more. To add "insult to injury," the site was also misplotted on the topographical map, and the location description misinterpreted on the site form. Thus, the site has been virtually lost for 40 years! With your help, we will correct these errors, properly record it, and bring the site back into our archaeological database! We'll get an accurate count of the circles, produce feature drawings, and we'll create a total station map. One day a week we'll also survey along Little Sage Creek, located just below the main site.

This area is as picturesque as one could hope, with much to see and do during those hours "off the clock." We may even take some trips to those nearby historic sites for a preview of what projects may be coming to the PIT realm down the line! We'll see you in June!

Number of openings: 32 (16 per session)

Special skills: Must be physically capable of making the steep climb to the site and back each day; previous archaeological survey, mapping, artifact identification, photography, and/or use of a Total Station helpful, but not required

Minimum age: 13 years old, under 18 with a responsible adult

Facilities: Tent and RV camping available at no charge at BLM Teton Reservoir campground; pit toilets, no potable water, no hook-ups; Rawlins is a full-service community with motels, restaurants, 2 RV parks (full-hook-ups, etc.) and a range of other amenities; volunteers responsible for own lodging/personal camping equipment, food, water, and transportation (if opting to stay outside of Teton Reservoir)

Nearest towns: Rawlins, 14 miles

Applications due: May 12, 2014

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