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Volunteer at the Wyoming Rock Art & Survey Project


The Wyoming Rock Art & Survey Project is a new field project in south-eastern Wyoming.
Dates: August 9-29, 2014.

The location of the 2014 Wyoming Rock Art & Survey Project is a key area for understanding the first peopling of the Americas. Nearby sites such as Hell Gap have yielded abundant evidence of ancient Paleoindian occupations. We aim to contribute to current debates on earliest migrations of the first Americans, and to resolve questions about the origins of some rock art.

This project has two goals. Firstly, we will analyze known ochre sources with portable XRF in order to discover the source of pigments at certain rock art sites. Secondly, we will conduct walking surveys in an uneplored area in order to document archaeological remains such as stone tool scatters and bones. Test units will be conducted at selected sites.

Volunteers at the 2014 Wyoming Rock Art & Survey Project will gain practical experience in survey methodologies, archaeological science (XRF), field recording, small excavation, and landscape archaeology. Volunteers with little experience are welcome, and more experienced volunteers will have a chance to lead parts of the project if desired.

There is no fee to participate, but potential costs for volunteers include: 1) your own travel to and from the site (we can pick you up from the nearest train/bus station); 2) gas for the vehicle on-site; 3) meals (shared cooking on site); 4) admission at field trip locations, if you choose to attend these. The camping on-site is free, including nearby showers and laundry facilities.

Please visit our website for contact details and how to apply:


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