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Grad School and Career Paths?


Hello all! 

I recently graduated with a BA in Classics (minored in Anthropology). I’ve studied abroad in Scotland and Wales and did an introductory level fieldschool in Greece. This summer I completed an internship in CRM with the National Park Service.

Currently, I’m perusing graduate school programs and more internship/entry level positions; at present I’m confining my search to the US. I’m trying to find a career path or graduate school program that will allow me to do what I really love: doing research at the crossroads of folklore/mythology, toponomy (place-name studies), and archaeology in the British Isles or the Mediterranean. This fusion of fields was the focus of my Honors Thesis on Saint David of Wales.

After my fieldschool in Greece, I realized I don’t want to excavate so much as I want to do the research on archaeological finds. Additionally, I don’t think I want to teach in Classics (i.e. teaching high school Latin or Greek). I’ve considered going for an MA in Celtic Studies, but I’m not sure how employable such a degree would make me!  

I would greatly appreciate any advice on graduate school programs or career paths; for example, would it be wise to aim for a degree in Archaeology, given my interests and background, or would it behove me to pursue a degree in History or Historic Preservation?

Again, any advice would be most welcome.

Many thanks.


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