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Field tech looking for work in California or anywhere


Andrew Munson

2636 Grand Ave. #348, San Diego, CA 92109
Phone: (760) 500-6474 E-Mail:


Seeking a position in archaeology or cultural resources management to build upon past skills gained in the field while investigating and protecting cultural environments.

Archaeological Experience

Medina Rail Line - Texas June 2015 – July 2015

Phase I project along proposed railroad corridor in Texas with Gray & Pape. Pedestrian survey and shovel testing through dense arid vegetation and some agriculture fields.

Dakota Access Pipeline - Illinois April 2015 – May 2015

Phase I project along pipeline corridor in Illinois with Gray & Pape. Pedestrian survey and shovel testing in agricultural areas and woodlands.

Dakota Access Pipeline – South Dakota October - November 2014

Phase I project along pipeline corridor in South Dakota with Gray & Pape. Pedestrian survey and shovel testing in agricultural areas.

San Diego Archaeological Center April – June 2013

Volunteer work in artifact curation – processing and cataloguing finds from various projects throughout San Diego County.

Silchester Field School July – August 2012

Comprehensive field school at site of Roman town Calleva Atrebatum, near Silchester, England. Taught skills in excavation and planning.

Big Chico Creek Ecological Reserve August – December 2011

Excavation of 19th century homestead site with California State University, Chico. Included all phases of recovery including survey, excavation, and post-excavation analysis.

Sierra Valley August 2011

Pedestrian survey of BLM land in Sierra Valley, California with California State University, Chico.

Collections Photography Internship May – August 2011

Photographing and cataloguing historic and prehistoric artifact collections for curation at California State University, Chico’s archaeology laboratory.


  • Pedestrian survey
  • Shovel testing
  • Screening
  • Excavation techniques
  • Hisoric and prehistoric artifact identification
  • Palynology, micromorphology, sieving, floatation
  • Use of surveying equipment, including levels and total station
  • Handheld GPS and compass
  • Digital imaging and processing, site photography, videography
  • Interpersonal skills – teamwork and leadership
  • Research, organization, and cataloguing
  • Writing, including post-excavation analysis and environmental impact analysis


California State University, Chico: August 2007 - May 2012
BA Anthropology and Communication Design with option in Media Arts
Certificate in Cultural Resource Management
Member of Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences Dean's List
3.41 GPA

University of Reading: October 2009 - April 2010
Study Abroad Program - Reading, UK. Studied archaeology, geography, and politics.

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Bumped for updated resume. Added experience, removed references (please contact for those, don't want to list them on a public forum).

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Bumping for another update. I don't know why the formatting is so messed up!


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