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Archaeology Field Methods in Alaska


Adelphi in Alaska Archaeology Field School 2015 (June 6-30, 2015)

The Adelphi University Department of Anthropology will initiate summer 2015 archaeological field reconnaissance and site excavations at multiple sites in the Susitna River valley. Field school students will travel on their own accord to the quaint mountain village of Talkeetna, Alaska located along the confluence of the Susitna, Talkeetna, and Chulitna rivers mid-way between Anchorage and Fairbanks. In addition to participation in an ongoing research program, students will experience unspoiled Alaska wilderness, acquire important technological skills using state-of-the-art research technologies, and learn the fundamentals of archaeological excavation.  Expect this course to be physically challenging, at times, with hiking and tent camping in the remote Alaska wilderness required.


This project will engage undergraduate students in primary archaeological and environmental research into past human technological and settlement adaptations in the middle Susitna River drainage of southcentral Alaska. Project Year-2015 will emphasize the mapping and test excavation of the Montana Creek site, a salmon harvest/storage location dated to the late Holocene.  Additionally, we will be conducting limited test excavations at the early-Holocene Trapper Creek Overlook site, a hunting lookout and toolkit-refurbishing site. Through participation in an active research program, students will develop strong critical thinking, quantitative reasoning skills as well as experience interacting with the diverse local communities of Trapper Creek and Talkeetna, Alaska. 

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Learn more about this program from last year's students via this brief documentary.


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