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Archaeologist - City of Oak Harbor, WA

Jennifer Palmer

Title: Archeologist
Department: Public Works - Engineering
Reports to: City Engineer
Status: Exempt /Non-union
Job Summary:
Under general supervision of the City Engineer, the Archaeologist identifies cultural and historical aspects of Native
American artifacts for the City. Work involves surveying the Oak Harbor shoreline, documenting and inventorying
cultural and historical findings.
Essential Job Functions:
1. Plan and conduct archeological research for permit documents, including management resource plans, environmental
impact statements, archaeological overviews and assessments.
2. Develop and implement citywide cultural resource management plan in compliance with federal, state and local
3. Prepare oral and written presentations and reports outlining recommendations for policies, procedures, etc.
4. Provide cultural resource management orientation and training, to City personnel and the community, on protection
of cultural resources.
5. Develop and manage community outreach with regard to archaeology and historic preservation.
6. Perform technical, archaeological, on-site fieldwork including collection and analysis of possible cultural and
historical artifacts; conduct surveys and excavation; perform laboratory analysis as appropriate and prepare reports on
findings, conclusions, and recommendations.
7. Act as a technical advisor to the City’s Public Works Department for projects involving utility right of ways, new
construction and maintenance of water, storm and sewer lines, and excavation.
8. In cooperation with other agencies, including Native American Tribes, other public agencies, and private business,
coordinate and supervise multi-phased archaeological projects involving documentation, archival, and collections
research; field investigations; laboratory analysis of recovered data; and professional report writing.
9. Provide archaeological advice and review on private industry construction where the City has project control through
the issuance of building, planning, zoning, and construction permits.
10. Produce and maintain site-specific database(s) on research and field excavations.
11. Keep detailed records and prepare accurate written materials such as technical reports, letters and recommendations.
12. Manage contracts, develop budgets and pursue funding opportunities involving archaeology.
13. Consult with cultural resource professionals to keep informed of new developments and research techniques.
Evaluate pertinent literature and keep up on new academic developments, concepts, and theories involving
14. Research and prepare grant proposals to apply for funding for archaeological projects relative to construction and
excavation (public and private developments) within the City.
15. Represent the City as a technical expert for cultural and historical aspects of archaeological findings and create
written reports and verbal presentations, as appropriate.
16. Establish, coordinate, and maintain effective working relationships with City staff and officials, employees,
contractors, developers, Native American organizations, other professionals, intergovernmental agencies and the
general public; respond in a courteous and helpful manner sometimes in stressful situations.
17. Respond to sensitive and complicated inquiries or problems related to City projects and related programs or policies.
18. Incorporate appropriate GIS software and GPS technology into the job to perform archaeology review and analysis
and provide comprehensive and scientifically sound answers to inquiries.
Associated Job Functions:
1. Attend various workshops, continuing education, meetings, seminars and conferences.
2. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

The Job Announcement and Application for the Archaeologist position in Public Works-Engineering can be found online at or at under City of Oak Harbor.

*     Complete application materials must be received by January 14, 2015.


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