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Recent graduate B.A. Anthropology and Art History, field, lab, and presentation experience



Bachelor of Arts Anthropology and Art History, Washington College, Chestertown MD, May 2014

Lab Volunteer at University of Delaware, July 2014- present
Sorting 1/8 inch screen and light flotation fraction materials recovered from the Dunlap-Salazar site in New Mexico. 

Lab work session at Instituto de Estudios Peruano (IEP) in Lima, Peru, 
January 2014
Honors thesis research conducted with Dr. Enrique Lopez-Hurtado. Compared textiles and other goods found in different excavation units in order to explore the possibility of a link between textile production and social status among the inhabitants of the archaeological site Panquilma.

Intern at the Instituto de Estudios Peruano (IEP) in Lima, Peru
June-July, 2013       
Conducted excavation, plotted out new units for excavation, kept field journal, diagrammed units,  recovered artifacts, and cleaned and catalogued artifacts, conducted analysis of textiles for use in paper to be presented at Society for American Archaeology Symposium in April, 2014.

Field School at Washington College in Chestertown, MD May- June 2013
Conducted excavation, plotted out new units, kept field journal, diagrammed units, recovered artifacts, cleaned and cataloged artifacts. Conducted experiment regarding the processing of oyster shells found at site, to be presented at the Reconstructive and Experimental Archaeology Conference in October, 2013

Field School at the Instituto de Estudios Peruano (IEP) in Lima, Peru May-June, 2012
Conducted excavation, plotted out new units for excavation, kept field journal, diagrammed units, recovered artifacts, cleaned and cataloged artifacts.

Supervisor names and contact info available upon request 



Archaeological excavation: Digging test pits, establishing and excavating units, screening removed material, diagramming and mapping units, photographing units and materials, recognizing features, flotation screening, cleaning and documenting recovered materials.

Cataloging: Cleaning, measuring, and photographing recovered materials, sorting and weighing, database entry. 

Research: Experience both researching existing work and reporting original information, citing sources, searching databases, and presenting at academic symposiums.

Lifeguard/CPR certification: Red Cross certified Life Guard, including CPR and first aid.

Spanish: Have taken courses in Spanish language and traveled to Peru, have some proficiency in reading and understanding Spanish.


Textile Production and Social Structure at Panquilma, May 2014                                                       
Senior Thesis                                                                                                                             

Textile Production at Panquilma, April 2014                                                                              
Society for American Archaeology Symposium, Austin TX                                                    

The Processing of Oysters at Indiantown Farms                                               
Mid-Atlantic Archaeology Conference, Langhorne PA, March, 2014
Reconstructive & Experimental Archaeology Conference, Gastonia NC, October, 201

A Description of the Artifacts Recovered on the Patio of Pyramid 3, 
And the Conclusions That Can Be Drawn From These Findings           
Society for American Archaeology Symposium, Honolulu HI, April 2013                                                


Winterthur Museum, August 2014- present

Position: Retail Division Associate

Description: Cashier for museum gift shop. Duties include opening and closing store,

attending to  customers’ needs, stocking shelves, and closing out the cash register at the end

of the day.


Washington College Dining ServicesAugust 2013 - present

Position: Catering staff

Description: Take care of customer needs, set up and break down events, serve alcohol, check IDs of customers buying alcohol.


St. Anthony’s In the Hills Pool, Summers 2010 – 2014

Position: LifeguardDescription: Customer care, open and close pool, direct guests and administer aid in the event of an emergency, enforce pool rules, and keep current on certification.


Washington College Graphic Information Systems Lab, Feb. 2013 – Oct. 2013           

Position: GIS Lab Blogger and Social Media Team

Description: Update GIS Lab Blog about projects going on in GIS Lab, work with the social media team to help promote the GIS Lab and do advertising for local businesses.


Honors Grade for Senior Capstone Experience (thesis paper) 2014

Nina R. Houghton Internship Fund, Washington College, 2013

Grant used to fund internship and research at IEP field school

Hodson Trust, Washington College, 2013                                                                       

Grant used to fund internship and research at IEP field school

Dean’s List Washington College, 2012-13


Lambda Alpha Anthropology Honors Society, Washington College Chapter, 2013-14

Sigma Xi Research Society, 2014

President Art History Club at Washington College, 2014

In charge of organizing club activities, especially field trips and gallery exhibitions. Club member since Fall 2012.                                               

References available upon request.


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