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Visiting Lithic Analyst - Illinois State Archaeological Survey

Jennifer Palmer

Visiting Lithic Analyst - Illinois State Archaeological Survey
Institution:    University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Location:    Urbana, IL
Admin - Laboratory and Research
Posted:    01/09/2015
Application Due:    02/15/2015
Type:    Full Time
Notes:    included on Affirmative Action email
Visiting Lithic Analyst
Illinois State Archaeological Survey
Prairie Research Institute
The Illinois State Archaeological Survey (ISAS), Prairie Research Institute, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, is seeking a Visiting Lithic Analyst to be located in Champaign, Illinois. This position will conduct analysis of stone items from archaeological sites, including all aspects of lithic sample collection, identification, analysis, archaeological interpretation, report preparation, and curation.
The Visiting Lithic Analyst will: perform the identification and recordation of chipped, groundstone, and mineral remains from archaeological sites, including the quantification of results and preparation of appropriate tables, analysis and interpretation of the archaeological significance of the lithic remains, and the preparation of lithic analysis reports as appropriate. Devise and maintain a standard lithic classification-recording scheme and assist in adjusting the scheme to suit the needs of specific researchers. Complete short reports, covering all aspects of material culture, feature analysis, site stratigraphy, interpretation, and site significance for sites that do not require formal report. Execute holistic spatial analysis incorporating vertical and horizontal distribution of diagnostic lithic and ceramic artifacts, material and feature clustering, soil deposition and erosion, feature superpositioning, and intra-site artifact mends to delineate site cultural components. Maintain electronic and handwritten lithic laboratory databases, including but not limited to a lithic lab project-tracking database, a raw material comparative collection database, an artifact type comparative collection database, and individual site assemblage lithic analysis data. Track samples through the analytic process by inventorying the movement of samples through the laboratory, maintaining electronic logs of individual site samples, and ensuring the analyzed samples are curated properly. Coordinate with archaeological assistants to maintain and develop the Surveys lithic comparative collection and relevant reference material in order to facilitate specimen identification and interpretation, within the larger context of prehistoric and historic cultural manifestations recognized in the Eastern Woodlands region. Participate in Survey outreach activities for the general public, avocational societies, and school groups and records and maintain artifact data collected from avocational collectors. Act as liaison with other lithic specialists in the state and nationwide. Participate in regional and national conferences and organizations; prepare presentations on research activities and interests.
The successful candidate should have an B.A. (M.A. preferred) in Anthropology, Archaeology, or closely related field. Minimum of three year's experience in conducting lithic investigations at archaeological sites in the Eastern Woodlands cultural area. Detailed familiarity with the geological resources of Illinois, temporo-culturally diagnostic lithics, tool production technology, and usewear traits. Demonstrated ability to complete lithic projects and reports in a timely and competent manner. Requires a basic familiarity with Eastern Woodlands and Illinois archaeological culture history and lithic research protocols and agendas. Basic familiarity with all classes of material culture, feature types and functions, and geomorphology is also necessary.
Candidate should have a basic familiarity with computer word processing, graphic, and database programs.
This is a one-year full-time Visiting Academic Professional position, however, the position could be made permanent in the future. Salary is negotiable based on experience. Proposed starting date is as soon as possible after the closing date.

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