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Volunteer opportunity: Southeast Archeological Center, FL

Jennifer Palmer

Archeological Opportunities
Southesat Archeological Center
Address:  2035 E Paul Dirac Drive, Johnson Bldg Suite 120, Tallahassee, FL 32310
Contact:  ((see listing))
Availability:  10/1/2014--9/30/2015
Created:  1/15/2015
Suitability:  Adults, Kids, Teens, Seniors, Groups, Family
Difficulty:  Strenuous
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Volunteer Activities 
• Archaeology
• Office/Clerical
Assist Center Archeologists with artifact analysis as in sorting, counting and measuring artifacts as well as recording prescribed basic information about artifacts.
Assist Center Archeologists with the basic and routing tasks of archeological field research, such as excavation with shovel, trowel, and other hand tools; examination of terrain for archeological sites; assistance with surveying procedures in laying out grids and mapping; filling out descriptive data forms relating to own work; assistance with magnetic surveys.

Housing AvailabilityHOUSING & AMENITIES 
Not Available 

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