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Sociocultural Specialist, GS-11/13 - Anchorage, AK

Jennifer Palmer

Job Title:Sociocultural Specialist
Department:Department Of The Interior
Agency:Bureau of Ocean Energy Management
Job Announcement Number:BOEM-IM-15-MM1328087 (DEU)
SALARY RANGE:    $63,963.00 to $118,515.00 / Per Year
OPEN PERIOD:    Wednesday, February 25, 2015 to Tuesday, March 10, 2015
SERIES & GRADE:    GS-0101-11/13
POSITION INFORMATION:    Full Time - Permanent
DUTY LOCATIONS:    Few vacancies in the following location:
Anchorage, AK View Map
WHO MAY APPLY:    United States Citizens
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) manages the exploration and development of the nation’s offshore resources. It seeks to appropriately balance economic development, energy independence, and environmental protection through oil and gas leases, renewable energy development and environmental reviews and studies.  For information about our bureau go to:
The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) Alaska Region has responsibility for evaluating, leasing, and managing marine mineral resources and related operations on the Alaska Outer Continental Shelf (OCS). The primary mission of the Alaska Region is to conduct and manage a balanced and orderly oil and gas leasing program while protecting the human, marine, and coastal environments. The Office of Environment (OE) provides environmental stewardship by implementing the Environmental Studies Program to conduct research on environmental resources in Alaska. OE applies the best available scientific information when preparing National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents and other environmental documents under relevant environmental laws and to support informed decision making. The region also provides support to BOEM Headquarters, e.g., preparing for lease sales, conducting public meetings and hearings, consulting and coordinating with Alaska stakeholders, pre- and post-sale analyses of the potential effects of OCS activities on Alaska resources, and development of mitigation and monitoring protocols. This position is assigned to the Environmental Analysis Section I (EAS-I), OE. 
The incumbent serves as the Socio-Cultural Specialist in EAS-I and functions as an Alaska Region technical analyst for issues and impact analyses on subsistence activities, cultural systems, environmental justices, and historic and prehistoric archaeological resources.
Salary:  GS-11: $63,963 - $83,153; GS-12: $76,667 - $99,672; GS-13 $91,167 - $118,515; - First time hires to the Federal government normally start at the lower salary range of the grade level.
This vacancy is also announced as BOEM-IM-15-MM1328088(MP) for those applicants who wish to apply and be considered under Merit Promotion procedures.
Occasional Travel
Travel of 1-5 nights per month may be required.
You must be a U.S. Citizen.
You will be required to have federal payments made by Direct Deposit.
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The Bureau of Safety & Environmental Enforcement has determined that the duties of this position is suitable for telework with supervisor approval.
The major duties of this position include, but are not limited to the following:
- Writes description and analysis sections on subsistence activities, cultural systems, environmental justice, and archaeological resources for environmental documents and prepares responses to public comments on these topics.
- Provides expert technical input to the development of alternatives and mitigating measures related to subsistence activities, cultural systems, environmental justice, and archaeological resources issues and conflicts. 
- In collaboration with the Alaska OCS Preservation Officer, develops NHPA programmatic agreements, Notices to Lessees, and potential mitigation measures or conditions of approval relevant to historic properties.   
- Assesses the adequacy of existing data and information on subsistence activities, cultural systems, environmental justice, and archaeological resources relevant to environmental analysis, consultation, OCS Program activities, and management needs for planning areas in the Alaska OCS. 
-  Provides expert technical advice and support for BOEM-funded studies related to subsistence activities, cultural systems, environmental justice, and archaeological resources. 
- Initiates, drafts, reviews, and recommends environmental studies/research to meet program needs relating to subsistence activities, cultural systems, environmental justice, and archaeological resources.

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