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Project Archaeologist - NH and Maine


Independent Archaeological Consulting, LLC, a small, women-owned CRM firm in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, is looking for a Project Archaeologist with experience in Pre-Contact archaeology to assist with projects in New Hampshire and Maine.  The successful candidate must have a graduate degree in Anthropology or Archaeology and at least five years of supervisory experience.  Experience in northern New England is preferred.  Experience with Euroamerican archaeology is also a plus.  The following is a list of desired skills:

Personnel Skills

-        Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  •  Coordinate and manage crewmembers and fieldwork logistics for maximum productivity and efficiency
  •   Manage projects within budgetary limits   

Lab Skills

  • Proficiency or experience with ESRI® ArcGIS (or similar GIS software) to create shapefiles, process data and produce accurate maps
  •  Use of Trimble® (or similar GIS data collection equipment) to collect and Illustrate locational data
  • Proficiency with Corel® (or similar layer-based graphics software) to accurately digitize site plans, profiles etc.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft® Excel and Access for artifact cataloging, analysis and the creation of report-quality graphs, charts, tables etc.
  • Identification, analysis and written interpretation of Pre-Contact lithic artifacts and ceramics
  • Ability to craft a well written and comprehensive report for multiple audiences

Field Skills

  • Establish a site grid using both tape-and-compass and electronic (Total Station) techniques
  •  Creation of accurate, scaled site plans using a variety of techniques
  • Ability to read and navigate using a variety of map types (USGS Topos, aerial images, project plans etc.)
  • Knowledge of soil formation processes and soils/sediments in the glaciated Northeast, ability to read and understand soil profiles
  • Ability to understand and systematically excavate/interpret cultural features at sites with cultural deposits spanning Pre- and Post-Contact eras

This is a full-time position and salary is competitive.  IAC believes in supporting archaeologists as the professionals that they are trained to be. In addition to legally mandated benefits, we are proud to offer our full –time employees a benefits package that includes health insurance, dental coverage, 401(k) Profit Sharing, Long term and Short Term Disability Insurance, vacation days, and paid time off (PTO).

To apply, send cover letter, C.V., and three references to Ellen Marlatt,


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