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Providing health insurance for temp employees


With the change in the health care laws, how are private CRM companies providing health insurance for their temporary field technicians?

I currently work for an environmental company with a small archaeology staff. We recently had to sub some of our survey work with another CRM company because we didn't have enough staff. Normally, in this situation, a company would hire temp employees and lay them off when the project was finished, but my company felt they couldn't pursue this route because of the health care requirements.

Anyone have any examples or suggestions? Has this negatively affected temp field technicians? Any comment would be appreciated. Thank you!

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Standard measurement (or look-back) period – A period of 3-12 months in the past (the employer chooses how long to measure) in which an individual employee’s hours are reviewed to determine if they work, on average, 30 or more hours and are eligible for benefits.

We as contract workers are getting hit pretty hard by the ACA. We are not even considered in the wording of the law. Same category as the non-union construction, trades, 1099... The law ignored the contract construction business. I'm going to get killed on taxes this year.


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ACA probably means more instability for contract workers. They can't hire us over 1,560 hours without providing health benefits. 

We are pretty screwed. Higher turnover in an already unstable business.

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It looks bad for all contractors.

"The Affordable Care Act Complicates The Use of Temporary Employees"

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I'm offering 1099 services at this point for a higher wage. I can write off all the expenses. It's going from a contract temp worker to a small business. It sucks, since I'm a sole proprietor and still a field archaeologist working for a company.

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Thank you for the reply and the links, spaten!

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It may work out for the advantage for some. Iv seen situations where the employer just keeps stringing us along at full time but benefits never kick in because it's technically "contract" or "temp". So before the ACA a ferm could work you at full time forever with no healthcare. Now they need to make a choice. Give healthcare after 1,560 hrs or lay you off so you can collect unemployment and look for another job...which is...I think how the whole system was supposed to work in the first place.


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