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Maya Commoners Field School, Belize-- May 2019


"Commoners": The Maya's 99%
Learn about them and archaeological field methods in an unexplored, subtropical rainforest in Belize, Central America!

For over 25 years, RBAS has been providing invaluable insight into the lives of common Maya during the Late Classic period in northwestern Belize. The site of Chawak but'o'ob is a hinterland settlement deep in the forests of the Programme for Belize-- no structures are over 2 meters tall. Indeed, most structures are "invisible" until peeling back the humic layer. The nearest temple is 3km as the crow flies.

Our focus remains commoner settlement patterns, but we have shifted recently towards commoner ritual, ceremonialism, and water management. Our archaeological methods emphasize a geoarchaeological and environmental orientation (e.g. soils and ancient botanical remains), including a botanical study of the flora surrounding a number of settlements. The 2016 season will include investigation of an unusual ritual ballcourt (the largest structure at the site!), built by and for Maya commoners, and the rubble remains of a small house where a conch shell cache and burial were discovered last season.

STUDENTS NEEDED for the May 23- June 26, 2019 season!! Apply online at:

*Applications Confirmed by Februrary 15, 2019 Receive $100 Off!*


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