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A reliable Field Technician


R-Patrick D. Cromwell

Looking for work in Oregon, Arizona or East Texas regions, available without delay

•Portland State University- BA in Anthropology and History – 2015
•Field School- Conolly Caves Excavation, UofO -2014

Areas of Interest
•Zooarchaeology/Faunal Analysis
•Pre-History of Native Populations
•Historical Research
•Art and Culture

•Excavation & Survey
•Map and Compass Use
•Artifact Collection and Analysis
•Team Building and Leadership
•Data Entry
•Professional Writing
•Public Relations

Projects & Presentations
• “The Relationship Between the Fish and the People of Paisley Caves (35LK3400) and the Environment They Lived In”, PSU Student Research Symposium, May 2015
• “The Fish (Pisces) Remains of Paisley 5 Mile Point Caves”, Presentation, NWAC, 2015
• “A First Look at Fish (Pisces) Remains from the Paisley 5 Mile Point Caves”, Poster, GBAC, 2014

Employment and Experience
•Logan Simpson     -2015
    •Survey and Site Recording

•University of Oregon Museum of Natural and Cultural History     -2015
    • Excavations
    •Test Probes, Site Reconnaissance
    •Debitage Analysis and Report Contribution
    •Report Background Research, Photography, Mapping
•Tom Origer & Associates     -2015
     •Letter of Estimate 
     •Project Completion Report Contributions

Full resume and references available upon request


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