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2016 Center for American Archeology Adult Field School (Kampsville, IL)


Signup for one to four weeks on the archeological field crew at the Golden Eagle site (11C120).

Open to adults 18 years or old. No experience necessary.

Fieldwork will be conducted at Golden Eagle site, the only known prehistoric site with an enclosing embankment in the Illinois River Valley. In 2013 and 2014, CAA archeologists conducted large-scale remote sensing surveys across the site, revealing intact archeological deposits, as well as evidence of a ditch-and-embankment structure encompassing the site. Excavations of Golden Eagle began in 2014 with initial testing of the ditch-and-embankment, revealing evidence of building sequences. In 2016 we’ll continue to explore this enigmatic site. Check out our results from the 2015 field season.

Dates: July 10-August 6

Cost: $700-$2700

Limited scholarship support for women is available through our Women in Archeology Scholarship program.

College credit is not available for this program. For credit, please see our ASU Field School.

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