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Recent BS graduate seeking entry level work. Able to travel as needed.


Candice Keller                           



Passionate anthropology major looking to utilize my education and gain more hands on experience before attending graduate school.


Eastern Oregon University                                              September 2013 – September 2015

§  Bachelors of Science in Anthropology/Sociology,

University of Wyoming                                                                  June-July 2015

§  Field School

Columbia Gorge Community College                                      January 2012 – August 2013

§  Associates of Science


Professional Experience


Eastern Oregon University                                          September 2014 – September 2015

§  Survey

§  East Slope Amp


Volunteer Experience

Passport in Time

§  Hebo Lake Community Camp Kitchen Rehab           August 2016
Willard Tool House Rehabilitation II October 2015

Eastern Oregon University

§  Pioneer Cemetery, Eugene, Oregon                              March 2015

§  Camp Carson, La Grande, Oregon                                September 2014

Other Work Experience

Trout Lake School                                                                                September 2013 – Present

§  Substitute as needed

§  Concessions manager


I have worked at a variety of sites in the western United States, ranging from prehistoric to historic time periods.  I have excavated, sifted, mapped, performed basic GIS operations, and helped on a historical building restoration.

I have performed and enjoy extensive research projects. Strong writer.  Office skills include typing, Word/Google Docs, Skype/Facetime/Google hangout meetings, Excel, Power Point.  Filing, record keeping, accounting. I am a quick, willing and motivated learner.



My interests lie in (but are not limited to) North America prehistorical and historical sites, lithic technology, ethno/paleobotany, anthropogenic behaviors and impacts, anthrogeography, and GIS technologies.







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