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Recent BA seeking Field Technician position, eager to travel


Tabitha A. Grandjean

19 Rock Hill Road, 5F

Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004

(610) 733-4256



I am available to start work in a full- or part-time position. Willing to travel.



I aim to join an archaeological team as a field technician to further my experience with the archaeological process and the work done in cultural resource management.



Temple University, College of Liberal Arts, Philadelphia, PA

Bachelor of Arts in Biological Anthropology                                                      May 2016


Relevant Courses:

Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology

Human Osteology
Primate Behavior

Human Population Genetics
Evolutionary Biology

Topics in Archaeology: Museum Exhibition Design

Practicum in Curation and Collections Management

Fundamentals of Archaeology
Human Paleontology

Research in Biological Anthropology

Digital Mapping


Laboratory Experience:

Aging and sexing of skeletal remains

Seriation and typology

Curation and preservation



Temple University Anthropology Lab Assistant                           Fall 2015-Spring 2016

·      Curation and preservation

·      Organization and storage of collections

·      Documentation of collections using an Excel database


Field school Experience:

I attended field school through the Warren Wilson College’s field school program, taught by Dr. David Moore. The North Carolina Berry site is a 16th century Mississippian Native American village called Joara that was occupied by the Spanish explorer Juan Pardo. In 1567, Pardo built Fort San Juan, which was burned down 18 months later during the spring of 1568 by the Joara neighbors. As part of my field school experience, I excavated a unit that was outside of the fort and believed to be Spanish living quarters in the style of the Native American houses in the area. There were several features which included; two hearths, and several postholes which seemed to indicate the orientation of the walls.


Volunteer Experience:

Warren Wilson field school: Berry site archaeologist                                     June 2016

·      Conducted excavations using skills such as flat-shoveling, troweling, and cutting profiles

·      Experience dry- and wet-screening artifacts

·      Site orientation and documentation

·      Utilized a total station to document unit elevations

·      Used Adobe Illustrator to map unit features before excavation


PSPCA animal caretaker                                                                                      Fall 2014



Fluent in French

Advanced user of Microsoft Office

Completed Girl Scouts Counselor in Training program

Physically fit and able to work in rugged environments



Patricia K. Hansell, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Instruction in Anthropology

Department of Anthropology

Temple University

 Gladfelter hall, second floor

1115 West Berks Street

Philadelphia, PA 19122



David Moore, Ph.D.

Professor of Archaeology

Department of Sociology/Anthropology

Warren Wilson College

P.O. Box 9000

Asheville, NC 28815-9000


Kathryn Kiefer

Berry site unit supervisor

Department of Sociology/Anthropology

Warren Wilson College



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